IT Outsourcing


but when it comes to necessary equipments, like the walk-in chillers for restaurants, it costs more than a million but if you're in the restaurant business, you really have to have that.

Ferrer: For me, there are two ways of justifying it. One is the scare tactic, where I tell my boss, "Sir, what do we do when the system goes down?" On the other hand, as what Mr. Sangalang mentioned, we make IT an integral part of the operations, so that we know how to justify. Mr. Sangalang mentioned

about the chiller in Max's. There is no way they will not have that maintained, so if you get your system to be an integral part of your operations like that, there's no question about the cost.

Andaya: The problem with some providers is that they don't answer when you call. When your Internet goes down, you call, but they don't answer. What we have to do is we had to get two providers for our office in Makati and in Alabang, as well as for our farm, so it becomes even more expensive. But in IT outsourcing, it's not like you can have two suppliers just like with ISPs, and you just switch over to the other side when one goes down.