IT Outsourcing


is you'll really have a hard time running it as a true blue office system, wherein your secretary can manage your calendar and contacts, as you manage it yourself. Also, the applications that Google has are not as friendly as those which Microsoft offers.

Andaya: My provider wanted me to transfer to a dedicated server. I asked them, "Why would I spend a certain amount when I can stay in your shared server for half the price?" They told me that they are the

specialists in my software, and when it comes to peak periods, they guaranteed that the site will be back up in five minutes if it goes down. So, I decided to just get the whole thing. It's underutilized, though, because it has a big capacity.

Sangalang: For me, I have several ways of justifying the costs. Sometimes I go beyond the normal level, I argue about the value that I'll be giving the company, and say that we really need to have these systems considering the value and efficiencies it can deliver to the company. You cannot really measure ROI,