IT Outsourcing


from that, we also outsource the software development and maintenance of one of our applications, our track and trace system, and we are looking forward to outsourcing other IT functions as well.

Dustin Andaya: In our case, with regards to IT, we outsource almost everything. I have a two person IT team, which is basically there for maintenance, and everything else is outsourced:

our e-mail, our website development, among others. Even if it's not IT-related, we outsource it.

Teddy Trinidad: For Blue Cross, we've outsourced our e-mail system and our web development. If the IT team does not have the skills to do it, we outsource. In my previous company, a health insurance company, when we set up the health system, we spent a lot in developing our hospital network, linking all the hospitals so that we can service our clients there. But when I joined Blue Cross, I found out that there's a service company who already has the setup in different hospitals around the Philippines. That would cost us far less than investing on developing and maintaining the service ourselves.