Meldungen vom 18.06.2011

  • Gratis und kurzweilig

    Kostenlose iPhone-Apps zum Zeitvertreib

    Das iPhone eignet sich hervorragend als Pausenfüller. Die Kollegen vom "Tecchannel" haben für Sie eine kleine Auswahl kurzweiliger iPhone-Apps getroffen, mit denen Sie sich kostenlos für eine kurze Zeit unterhalten lassen können.  …mehr

  • Das Handy ist immer dabei

    Neulich in ... einem Biergarten

    Sobald das Wetter schön wird, strömen die bayerischen Beschäftigten in die Biergärten. Je nach Unternehmenskultur darf auch mal das eine oder andere Meeting - wie das heute neudeutsch heißt - unter blühenden Kastanienbäumen bei einem (alkoholfreien) Bier stattfinden.  …mehr

  • Cloud Computing und Compliance

    Aufgepasst beim Kleingedruckten

    Cloud Computing ist in der Geschäftswelt angekommen. Auch Compliance-Fragen sind nur noch scheinbar eine Hürde. Aber damit sich Wolken und Regeln nicht ausschließen, ist eine richtige Planung unabdingbar. …mehr

  • 2002

    Als das Google Doodle auf Dilbert traf

    Google hat schon weit über 1000 verschiedene Variationen seines Logos - Doodles - präsentiert. Reisen Sie mit uns durch die Zeit - heute noch einmal ins Jahr 2002.  …mehr

  • Four Safer Ways to Pay Online

    Who has your private info? Who knows, given how common have become. And credit card information is one of the most common types of we volunteer online. So what can you do to minimize credit card fraud? Well, you can't stop the break-ins, but here are four ways to keep your funds out of the hands of the bad guys.  …mehr

  • LulzSec: Hack Attacks Will Continue Until Group Caught

    In a catch-me-if-you-can explanation of why it has targeted the likes of Sony, the U.S. Senate, an FBI affiliate, and online porn sites, the says it plans to keep having fun until it gets caught.  …mehr

  • ChevronWP7 Hackers to Release Microsoft-approved App

    Windows Phone 7 hackers ChevronWP7 are that allows users to install non-approved software. But that doesn't mean the group and the software giant have kissed and made up.  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: What a riot

    The Macalope always finds people who write long and obtuse posts taking others to task to be a riot. Also funny are Windows enthusiasts who write reviews of Apple products. But if you want to talk about real riots, look no further than Canada.  …mehr

  • Reports: DOJ to review Google's Admeld acquisition

    The U.S. Department of Justice will reportedly evaluate the antitrust implications of , whose technology is designed to help web publishers manage and fine-tune the way they sell display ads.  …mehr

  • HMRC to outline payroll changes at PeopleSoft conference

    Oracle's payroll customers will have a unique opportunity to quiz HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) about the changes being introduced to the payroll system at the PeopleSoft user group conference next week.  …mehr

  • RIM's Misfortune Tied to Not Being Competitive

    Blackberry phones just aren't that desirable anymore, and that's why device maker Research in Motion is having so much trouble.  …mehr

  • Viridity calculates energy cost of applications

    Viridity has updated its data center infrastructure management software to let businesses keep track of how much electrical power is being consumed by individual applications and lines of business, the company will announce Monday.  …mehr

  • Computer problem grounds United flights

    United Airlines had to cancel flights on Friday night after a computer breakdown affected key systems, including those for its website, flight departures and reservations.  …mehr

  • Best Buy Laptop Warranty: What Does It Cover?

    In 2009, I bought my teenage son a MacBook from Best Buy, and I added a two-year extended warranty with "Accidental Damage From Handling" coverage based on the sales associate's recommendation. Lo and behold, my son accidentally ran over his MacBook with his car after leaving it on his trunk. I filed a claim with Best Buy, and an associate advised me to purchase another computer, saying the company would issue a credit if the original MacBook couldn't be fixed. But Best Buy eventually denied the warranty claim on the grounds that this type of incident isn't covered in the accidental-damage plan. I thought that my extended warranty covered all accidents. Can you help?  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Coulda woulda shoulda

    Apple buy out all but one of its mobile phone competitors, the company not release any new Macs until Lion comes out, and maybe--just maybe--Quicken 2007 could still work on Lion. It's possible that Dan Moren is driving off into the wilds of upstate New York right now, but the remainders for Friday, June 17, 2011, are most definitely going nowhere fast.  …mehr

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