LulzSec: Hack Attacks Will Continue Until Group Caught

In a catch-me-if-you-can explanation of why it has targeted the likes of Sony, the U.S. Senate, an FBI affiliate, and online porn sites, the says it plans to keep having fun until it gets caught.

A statement the group has posted says going public with user personal details after a hack attack is better than keeping exploits private. It gives users a chance to change their passwords, the group says.

Such public releases are also arguably good for websites too. After the group last week, Facebook automatically locked every account linked to the email addresses, stopping the kind of unauthorized access LulzSec discusses.

LulzSec says its hack attacks will continue until "we're brought to justice, which we might well be."

The group's statement amounts to a manifesto and is surprisingly more erudite than might be expected.

"We're attracted to fast-changing scenarios, we can't stand repetitiveness," the group says. "Nobody is truly causing the Internet to slip one way or the other, it's an inevitable outcome for us humans."