Meldungen vom 27.12.2010

  • 21 Millionen iPhone-Verkäufe im ersten Quartal 2011

    Laut Prognosen bleibt iPhone Verkaufsschlager

    Apple kann nach Aussagen taiwanischer Zulieferer auch im Jahr 2011 seinen Erfolg auf dem Smartphone-Markt fortsetzen.  …mehr

  • Streak 7 kommt mit 7-Zoll-Display

    Dell baut Tablet-Angebot aus

    Das Dell Streak mit 7-Zoll-Display kommt. Engadget hat Screenshots aus einem unveröffentlichten Werbe-Video online gestellt.  …mehr

  • Bund plant nationales Cyber-Abwehrzentrum

    Cyber-Attacken aus China nehmen zu

    Elektronische Spionage-Attacken aus China und Russland gegen Deutschland nehmen seit Jahren zu. Darauf hat das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) in Köln hingewiesen.  …mehr

  • Samsung zeigt Galaxy Player

    iPod Touch mit Android

    Samsung hat angekündigt, im nächsten Jahr mehrere Media-Player mit Android OS auf den Markt zu bringen. Die Modelle sehen teilweise den Android-Smartphones zum Verwechseln ähnlich. …mehr

  • Windows Phone mit Volltastatur

    HTC 7 Pro ab Januar bei O2

    Das HTC 7 Pro kommt im Januar nach Deutschland, das legt die Website von O2 nahe.  …mehr

  • Smartphone mit HD-Frontkamera?

    Neues Android Sony Ericsson Hallon

    Das japanische Blog of Mobile hat Fotos von einem unbekannten Modell von Sony Ericsson veröffentlicht. Das Smartphone trägt angeblich den Codenamen Hallon.  …mehr

  • Telekom-Tochter OTE soll massiv sparen

    Deutsche Telekom plant Radikalkur für griechische Tochter

    Die Deutsche Telekom will ihr Geschäft in Griechenland mit einer Radikalkur gesundsparen.  …mehr

  • So kommen Neujahrs-SMS pünktlich an

    SMS-Tipps für Silvester

    Neujahrsgrüße per SMS kommen häufig nur mit Verspätung an. Der Bitkom gibt Tipps, um dies zu vermeiden.  …mehr

  • Finden Sie Ihr Linux

    Open-Source-Betriebssysteme im Vergleich

    Neben populären Distributionen wie Ubuntu, OpenSuse und Red Hat gibt es Lösungen für jedes Problem: Ob für USB-Stick oder Server, als Live-System oder Windows-Ersatz: die Community füllt jede erdenkliche Lücke. …mehr

  • Schnelles Internet aus dem All

    Europäer starten Internet-Satelliten

    Per Satellit will Betreiber Eutelsat mehr als eine Million Menschen in entlegenen Gebieten Europas mit schnellen Internet-Zugängen versorgen. …mehr

  • Hacker bauen eigenes Handy-Netz

    Kongress des Chaos Computer Clubs

    Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) diskutiert ab heute (Montag) auf seinem Jahreskongress über netzpolitische Themen und nimmt Schwachstellen in Systemen wie dem neuen Personalausweis ins Visier.  …mehr

  • BSH - Systemaus vor dem Aus

    Unregelmäßigkeiten im Controlling

    Mitte Dezember musste die BSH Systemhaus GmbH den Gang zum Insolvenzrichter antreten. Die CW-Schwesterpublikation ChannelPartner hat mit beiden Geschäftsführern gesprochen.  …mehr

  • Experten-Tipps zu Risiken in Public und Hybrid Clouds

    Information Governance in der Cloud

    Das branchenübergreifende Expertenforum „Leadership Council for Information Advantage“ analysiert in einem aktuellen Report unterschiedliche Risikofaktoren bei der Nutzung von Public und Hybrid Clouds und gibt strategische Empfehlungen. …mehr

  • Die besten Business-Smartphones 2010


    Die COMPUTERWOCHE hat das aktuelle Angebot der Hersteller einer strengen Prüfung unterzogen und die zehn besten Business-Smartphones 2010 ausgewählt.  …mehr

  • Scharfer Sex im Server-Raum


    Vorstände haben wenig Zeit für die schmutzigen kleinen Details der IT-Strategie.  …mehr

  • Der "Alte" geht, der "Neue" kommt ...

    Wenn der Chef wechselt

    Vorgesetzte, die sich in ihre neue Position vorsichtig einarbeiten, erleichtern die Integration. Tipps für den Übergang  …mehr

  • 33 coole Fun-Gadgets

    Toys for Boys and Girls

    Da schlagen Geek-Herzen höher: USB-Spielzeug, fernsteuerbare Fahrzeuge und fiese Scherzartikel. Wir haben das Internet nach den besten Fun-Gadgets durchsucht und präsentieren in einer Galerie die 29 coolsten Geek-Toys - darunter richtig originelle Geschenkideen. …mehr

  • Five Great Free Business Apps for Google Chrome

    Google's Chrome Web Store might only have been , but it already hosts a stock of high-quality add-in apps.  …mehr

  • Cornell Scientists Print The Future Of Food

    Scientists at Cornell University's Computational Synthesis Lab (CCSL) have built that prints food. The printer, part of the , allows you to use raw food as "ink" for creating your culinary concoctions.  …mehr

  • Could Malware Render Your PC Unbootable?

    A lot of people see a PC that won't boot, and assume that it's infected. That's the least likely cause.  …mehr

  • Migrating to a new Mac

    No two Apple products share a closer parallel history than the computer. Each device was revolutionary for its time. The Macintosh, later known as the Macintosh 128K, was the first mainstream computer to include a graphical user interface similar to the ones we use today. The original Mac OS used movable application windows and included functions such as drag and drop. The 128K also popularized the use of a mouse and was notable for its compact dimensions. The iPhone was the first minicomputer to masquerade as a cellular telephone. It also had an intuitive, exclusively touch-based interface with limited physical buttons and no stylus--a common device for touch-based phones prior to the iPhone.  …mehr

  • PC Repair Rip-Offs: Don't Get Gouged by Fix-It Services

    Computers don't always work as they should. Components fail, and operating systems fill up with crap that hinders performance and occasionally brings the whole machine to a halt. Savvy users know that they can themselves, and use sites like to find solutions to their tech problems. Those who lack confidence in their tech skills, however, often fall prey to the rapacious tactics of online and local repair shops.  …mehr

  • Top 5 Things the iPhone Has Given the World

    Has the iPhone changed the world? Perhaps not, and I'm certainly not an Apple fanboy. But the iPhone brought innovations that have infected the rest of the tech world. There's no denying that where Apple treads first, the rest of the world follows.  …mehr

  • Apple 2010: The Highs and the Lows

    Having already , it seems reasonable to also take a look back at what Apple's year had to offer. Looking behind the curtain of Apple "magic" and Jobsian reality distortion fields, Apple had some major triumphs, and a couple hiccups that defined 2010.  …mehr

  • Minecraft Does Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    Why you'd attempt to recreate the best game in the Zelda series with , I couldn't say, but someone's done it anyway.  …mehr

  • Gravity Guy for iPhone

    The "endless running" genre that was first made so popular by Semi-Secret Software's has been explored in many recent App Store releases, and 's looks to expand further on the idea by introducing an interesting gravity-based mechanic into the mix.  …mehr

  • Apple to release first quarter results Jan. 18

    While we're about to start a new year, Apple's about to end a quarter--the first quarter of its 2011 business year, to be precise. As always, this is followed by the company's financial quarterly financial conference call; those curious about Q1 2011 earnings on January 18, 2011 at 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern.  …mehr

  • Trip Back to the Future a Quarter Century Later

    I couldn't tell you whether it's any good, or if voice actor pulls off a convincingly keyed up Marty McFly, but there's now available from developer Telltale's website for $25.  …mehr

  • Top Security Trends of 2010: A Look Back

    Computer and network security is a perpetual game of cat and mouse. Attackers are often adept at both following technology and social trends, and adapting attacks to exploit weak points. As 2010 comes to a close, let's take a look back at some of the biggest security trends from the year.  …mehr

  • The week in iPhone 4 cases: Back to the basics

    The past few weeks have seen an outpouring of colorful, themed, and novelty cases, so this week we get back to the basics. No SpongeBob or Angry Birds themes, no Etch-a-Sketch or chalkboard designs...just good, old fashioned, rubber-and-polycarbonate protection for your iPhone.  …mehr

  • Split Pea allows Web browsing, writing in one app

    If you're trying to compose text on an iPad while referring to information on a Website, the back-and-forth dance between writing and Web-browsing apps can often be a real pain.  aims simplify the process by combining the browser and text editor into one split-screen app.  …mehr

  • Kodak, NEC announce cross-license agreement

    Imaging vendor Eastman Kodak said Monday that it has formed a license agreement with NEC that will allow each company to access the other's patent portfolio.  …mehr

  • Get Your Own Virtual Desktop With AlwaysOnPC

    Quite a few apps in the Android Market try to solve the problem of how to access, view, and edit office documents with an Android device. It's a difficult task compounded by the limitations of the small screen and keyboard, and by the fact, too, that many document formats are proprietary (Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and so on) and are thus difficult for third-party developers to work with. provides a powerful, customizable, cross-platform solution that uses open-source software hosted on a cloud-based, Fedora Linux PC.  …mehr

  • SAP has no interest in paying interest to Oracle

    SAP is fighting back against Oracle's demand it fork over US$212 million in interest on top of a $1.3 billlion sum a jury in its corporate-theft suit against the German software vendor, according to a court filing last week.  …mehr

  • Is Apple Planning a 3D iPhone?

    Apple was recently awarded a for a stereoscopic three-dimensional display system that doesn't require glasses, reported . A scan of the convoluted wording of the patent file reveals a few key points:  …mehr

  • Appstravaganza: Apps for your new iOS device

    All season long, you've been dreaming of an iOS Christmas, and now the big day has finally arrived. Someone--a friend, a loved one, maybe even that jolly old elf from up north--has deposited an iPad or iPhone or iPod touch underneath the tree. And now it's time to find out for yourself what's so great about Apple's iOS devices.  …mehr

  • 2010 in review: The year for creatives

    This has been a busy year for creative folk--both for the pros and those right-brained among us whose avocation may be in the creative arts, but who earn their living (or not) in some other way.  …mehr

  • 12 Commands Every Linux Newbie Should Learn

    It's a testament to how far has come that users today don't typically have to use the command line if they don't want to. Such is the quality of the graphical user interfaces in many modern that there's simply no need, in general.  …mehr

  • Easy Ways to Preserve Your Holiday Photos

    We all take more photos than usual at this time of year. You might be taking , , or just . No matter what the subject, I'm reminded about just how important your photo collection actually is. These are treasured memories, and you don't want to trust decades of images to a finicky magnetized platter that spins at 7,000 rpm and, as it ages, could fail catastrophically. I don't mean to scare you, but it's a fact of life: All computer gear breaks eventually, and it's important to have a backup of your photos when that inevitable day comes. So with that in mind, I've rounded up some easy ways to back up your photos to guard against calamity.  …mehr

  • Microsoft 2010: The Year in Quotes

    Love 'em or hate 'em (or anything in between), much of the tech world revolves around Microsoft. Microsoft has dominant stakes--some bordering on virtual monopolies--in a variety of arenas including the PC operating system, office productivity software, and Web browsers. While far, far from being a comprehensive chronology, let's take a look back at Microsoft's 2010 through quotes from Microsoft executives and industry analysts.  …mehr

  • Amazon: Kindle 3 Our All-Time Bestseller

    Like a bestselling whodunit, the sales mystery continues. regularly touts the popularity of its , yet refuses to divulge the number of Kindle devices it has sold.  …mehr

  • Kobo Wireless eReader

    The aspires to compete with the big kids in the e-reader arena. This iteration represents a marked improvement over its predecessor, offering higher contrast, a sharper E Ink display, and better performance. Unfortunately, the Wireless eReader still lacks the polish and finesse of the leaders. And at $139, it's the same price as an third-generation  ( Macworld rated 4.5 out of 5 mice ).  …mehr

  • Samsung to Show iPod Touch Killer at CES

    Samsung went after the iPhone with the , the and now Samsung has its sights set on the iPod Touch with the Galaxy Player. Samsung is expected to announce American ship dates for its Android-based entertainment player during the Consumer Electronics Show in January.  …mehr

  • Work like it's 2006 With Classic Menu for Office 2007

    Microsoft spent years teaching us to select items off of menus at the top of the application window. Then, in 2007, they told us to stop doing that. If you miss the old way of working in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and would rather pull down a menu than click a ribbon, will make you very happy. This $30 Microsoft Office add-in (15-day free trial) puts the old menus back where they belong.  …mehr

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