Meldungen vom 05.06.2006

  • Sun users left to wonder what's next

    Sun Microsystems Inc. last week revealed plans to cut its workforce by 4,000 to 5,000, sell off some real estate, eliminate redundant R&D projects and "simplify" its product line. …mehr

  • News briefs: OpenPages updates financial controls

    OpenPages updates financial controls …mehr

  • News briefs: CA delays earnings

    CA delays issuing Q4, full-year results …mehr

  • Offshoring opens up

    The popularity of some offshore outsourcing venues has come at a price. IT wages in Moscow have soared by 50 percent in the past few years. Banking industry IT turnover in some cities in India exceeds 30 percent, and hiring IT talent has become a nightmare, says Diana Farrell in this month's Harvard Business Review. But the good news is that many new locales are opening up around the world. Farrell is director of the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Co.'s economics think tank in San Francisco. An interview with Kathleen Melymuka got preempted by a rush to catch a plane, but she caught up via e-mail to discuss how to weigh the benefits and risks of outsourcing in an untried area. …mehr

  • Microsoft to expand BI plan

    Microsoft Corp. this week plans to unveil an updated business intelligence strategy that includes its first business process management (BPM) offerings. …mehr

  • Frankly Speaking: Vista opportunity

    You're about to get a rare opportunity. Oh, not this week, or even this year. But sometime next year, you'll likely start rolling out Windows Vista. That's when you'll have the opportunity to make your end users truly loathe you -- or make them feel like IT really is on their side after all. …mehr

  • Remote control: How Marriott does outsourcing

    You can outsource a project, but you can never outsource management of a project. As outsourcing has grown to be a major tool in business projects, that maxim has been touted widely. But the devil's in the details. How, exactly, do you manage an outsourced project? …mehr

  • IT execs race against time along Gulf Coast

    From his office window at the University of New Orleans, Jim Burgard can see construction crews working feverishly to repair the London Avenue canal, which was breached during Hurricane Katrina last August -- causing flooding on campus and contributing heavily to the catastrophic inundation of most of the Crescent City. …mehr

  • Major events to mark Philippines ICT Month

    With 'ICT for All' as theme, the Philippines will celebrate its 2nd ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Month this June with several major events lined up throughout the month, most of them to be held in Quezon City'declared as the ICT Capital of the Philippines and the host city for this year's celebrations. …mehr

  • Shark Tank

    A little TOO efficient …mehr

  • Ruiz: Chip advances not hindered by technology

    The awards ceremony for the 2006 Computerworld Honors Program is being held Monday in Washington. Each year, the program recognizes organizations for using technology to promote social, economic or educational advancements. In addition, individual awards are given to an IT user and vendor. The winner of the 2006 Morgan Stanley Leadership Award for Global Commerce is Hector Ruiz, chairman and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Ruiz, who was recently appointed to the President's Council of Advisors for Science and Technology, spoke with Computerworld in advance of the ceremony. Excerpts follow: …mehr

  • Security log

    Portable storage's risks not heeded …mehr

  • Data Agility looks for boost in financial services

    Data specialist and system integrator, Data Agility, has appointed its first principal consultant of information management as part of its strategy to solidify its presence in the financial services sector. …mehr

  • Asian journalists decry business bias of Net companies

    A group of Asian journalists assailed Internet companies Yahoo and Google for siding with governments that curtail freedom of expression and information in cyberspace. …mehr

  • Hospitals expand videoconferencing

    Videoconferencing has boosted the efficiency of speech and language interpreters at two public hospitals in the San Francisco area, where patients speak 35 different languages. …mehr

  • Most B-to-B Web sites fail when it comes to selling

    Even though there is substantially more money to be made through business-to-business (B-to-B) Web sites compared to business-to-consumer Web sites, most B-to-B sites offer a far worse user experience than consumer sites, according to the San Francisco-based Nielsen Norman Group. …mehr

  • Global Dispatches: An international IT news digest

    US, Europe 'certain' of continued data sharing …mehr

  • News briefs: Bug strikes StarOffice

    StarOffice gets hit with first virus …mehr

  • The minds behind Microsoft Research

    There's a joke at Microsoft Research that designing the next version of Microsoft Office is like ordering pizza for 100 million people. No matter how you do it, a few million of them are going to complain. …mehr

  • On the Mark

    Cell phone security nightmare ... …mehr

  • Storms prompt new approaches inside IT

    In addition to upgrading their data center facilities and their communications and data-backup capabilities, some IT managers are adopting new procedures that they hope will further boost the hurricane preparedness of their companies. …mehr

  • Loan firm, university report security breaches

    Just days after the VA disclosed its data compromise, two other organizations reported similar incidents -- the latest in a long line of security breaches that have put personal information at risk. …mehr

  • Saying you're wrong can feel so right

    I had a moment of brilliance this week, and it had to do with realizing that I had made a serious mistake. Yes, admitting you made a mistake can be considered brilliant if accompanied by the fix. …mehr

  • Salaries rise, but not to dot-com heights

    Companies are reinvesting in technology and salaries are rising in all sectors, according to the 2006 Hays Salary survey released last week.  …mehr

  • California election to provide e-voting paper trail

    California Tuesday will become one of the first states to require that all voting machines produce a paper audit trail that can verify the accuracy of a tally. …mehr

  • News briefs: New flaw found in Windows software

    New flaw found in Windows software …mehr

  • Toughest tasks

    Five IT chiefs talk about the most difficult challenges they've ever faced at work -- and the lessons they learned. …mehr

  • Hot-site approach runs hot and cold with users

    The day after Hurricane Katrina rampaged through the Gulf Coast last August, Neal Hennegan, director of technology at Gilsbar Inc. in Covington, La., spent three hours walking a half mile up a tree-filled road in order to get to the storm-damaged home of the company's president. …mehr

  • Heavy storm rotation drives US IT action

    Although Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the Gulf Coast got most of the headlines last year, for obvious reasons, other hurricane-prone areas were also hit hard by storms. And even IT managers whose operations weren't seriously damaged are taking last year's extraordinary hurricane cycle as a wake-up call. …mehr

  • Editorial: Veterans affair

    Ordinarily, I'm not bothered by letters from readers who lambaste me for something I've written or for something else that's appeared in Computerworld. I am a firm believer that the spark of truth comes from the clash of differing opinions, so I highly value any opinion a reader expresses, regardless of what he says or how he says it. I appreciate those letters way too much to be bothered by them. …mehr

  • Ahold USA pension data lost when laptop disappears

    A laptop computer containing the names and personal information of an undisclosed number of retirees of grocery store chain Ahold USA disappeared last month after it was placed in checked baggage on a commercial U.S. flight and the bag was lost by the airline.  …mehr

  • When life intrudes on the workplace

    Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that a critical measure of a manager isn't always found in hard metrics, productivity or profit, but in humanity. I've also learned that this humanity often shows itself best when life intrudes on the workplace. …mehr

  • BigPond billing migration stalls services

    BigPond services were unavailable over the weekend as Australian ISP Telstra migrated customers to a new billing system. …mehr

  • 'It'll soon shake your Windows ...'

    Change can be good, but sometimes, no matter how good new ideas are, they don't catch on. …mehr

  • Vendors accused of compliance hype

    The Credit Union Industry Association (CUIA) has slammed a report claiming a widespread lack in the sector of compliance with Basel II which takes effect January 1, 2008. …mehr

  • IBM Rational updates software development tools

    IBM Rational Monday unveiled enhancements to a slew of tools designed to help companies break down the silos that exist in development organizations and track activities throughout the application development life cycle.  …mehr

  • Career watch

    Dan Reynolds …mehr

  • Wi-Fi/Cellular at Crossroads

    Businesses going mobile today face a daunting array of wireless access technologies, services and devices that are fairly complex to cobble together. To maximize network coverage, for example, most large organizations must work with several cellular network operators. They also often run their own private wireless LANs for faster, less expensive mobile campus connections.  …mehr

  • Red Hat halts development of app server

    At its annual Summit user conference last week, Red Hat Inc. disclosed plans to halt development of its Red Hat Application Server (RHAS). …mehr

  • CA revises mainframe security management products

    CA Inc. Monday announced revisions to three well-established identity and access management software products for mainframe z/OS customers.  …mehr

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