The Macalope Weekly: An appointment with disappointment

We love Apple, right? But let’s face facts: It’s a company. And sooner or later any company is going to disappoint you. It’s like the old joke about why dogs do that thing that they can do but that humans and Macalopes can’t—no matter how many hours they devote to stretching out. They do it because they can. And it’s just in their nature.

(Although, frankly, sometimes the Macalope thinks his dog is just showing off.)

Don’t fret, though—Apple’s not the only beloved company that wants to taste your sweet tears of disappointment. Google wants in on that action, too!

Early in the week, Forrester Research issued a report that said . It’s a qualified endorsement, but it’s progress! Forrester is the kind of firm that produces white papers that other, even stodgier firms hold up in meetings to defend their highly controversial decision to implement Windows 7, instead of Windows XP for the .

If I can make it there, I’ll make it any-where!