Juniper’s splash big on tech vision, short on specifics


In addition, Juniper disclosed Project Falcon, an initiative to develop products for the mobile packet core and subscriber management of 4G networks, as well as "universal edge" applications integrating wireline and wireless networks. This served as an attempt to clarify Juniper's position in this market after losing partner . 

Lastly, Juniper provided an update on its cloud computing project that included three steps to cloud-enable a data center: simplify the environment through a unified fabric managed as a single switch; sharing resources through virtual partitioning and VPLS; and securing the environment with security policies based on the new JUNOS Space platform and enhancements to Juniper's SRX Services Gateway.

Still, Juniper did not disclose deliverables for the Stratus or Falcon projects. And attendees were still clamoring for more meat from the event ,which seemed fixated on sweeping technology advances rather than specific solutions for key markets.

"There are no details on the data center side," said Zeus Kerravala of the Yankee Group. "How are they going to play in the converged data center? How do they address that aside from the loose IBM, OEM deals? They need to put some meat on the bones."