Juniper’s splash big on tech vision, short on specifics

on Thursday, billed by the company as the most significant since its founding in 1996, perhaps left more questions than answers after all the products, technologies and partnerships were unveiled.

Juniper rolled out a sweeping array of software, silicon and systems enhancements, as well as new and expanded partnerships intended to take the company and its customers into the next decade of networking. The rival even unveiled a new corporate logo, a symbol of the company's readiness to embark on a new decade.

The event was even staged on the to signify its importance to Juniper, if not to the industry. And it was , Juniper's most recent showcase account.

Why the makeover?

"It puts a stake in the ground for our vision for the next decade," said at the event. "We're driving to a platform view that's horizontal and open to integration: one platform with unlimited applications."

With that, Juniper unveiled its strategy for opening and licensing its JUNOS operating system to developers and partners. It also rolled out a new generation of processors, called Trio, designed to massively scale the edge of the service provider network. It also introduced new MX-series Ethernet edge routers with "3D" scaling of bandwidth, subscribers and services.