Juniper’s splash big on tech vision, short on specifics


One of the omissions from the prepared remarks was a FibreChannel over Ethernet (FCoE) strategy. FCoE is regarded as the quintessence of a unified data center fabric, yet there was nary a mention of it by Juniper officials.

"That's one of the things that's missing," Kerravala said. "They need to talk specifically on how to address that."

Andy Ingram, a vice president in Juniper's Fabric and Switching technology group, says an FCoE strategy will be forthcoming from Juniper. It will combine organic development with partner contributions. But he adds the economics of FCoE – its Converged Network Adapters cost twice as much as Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters, which cost two to four times as much as Ethernet NICs – don't currently make sense.

Still, customers may want a more definitive roadmap, analysts say.

"The problem is … there are no [Juniper] products today to help the data center," says Cindy Borovick, a data center analyst at IDC. "But customers are making their investments now."