Juniper’s splash big on tech vision, short on specifics


Borovick says Juniper's data center strategy right now is targeted at large content sites that deploy network-attached storage (NAS) rather than FibreChannel. She notex, though, that Juniper's exclusive agreement to license JUNOS to BLADE Network Technologies gives Juniper a blade switch strategy and provides another avenue for JUNOS to be embedded in data centers.Juniper's broad brush stroke may be intended to avoid the perception that it is responding to trendy new markets with point products.

"They don't want to be perceived as going down rabbit holes," says Ron Westfall, research director at Current Analysis. "But one item not addressed is that Cisco outsells them despite the technological differentiation. How are they going to improve in the field sales?"

At least one high profile customer doesn't seem too worried about the specific gaps still to fill in Juniper's strategic direction.

"It's clear they aim to be a leading provider of network solutions, like we are [a leader] in our industry," says Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext. "This is about our business models converging, our partnership is just beginning. Juniper was the right company to work with."