Geek Reads: Part Three of The Hacker Crackdown

Hello, and welcome to the third installment in our weekend column! we talked about America's war on cybercrime and discovered where terms like phreaker, hacker and phile came from. We also met the principal players in the Hacker Crackdown, including the U.S. Secret Service, the Legion of Doom and a wayward hacker known as Fry Guy. In Part 3 of Bruce Sterling's , we finally dig into the meat of what it feels like to chase hackers through the dark alleys of cyberspace.

: Alright so we're back for section three of The Hacker Crackdown, this time focusing mostly on the law enforcement angle of the whole Operation Sundevil deal.

: ...wherein all of the intricacies of bureaucracy are laid bare. Suffice to say, no one's really sure who's in charge and they're all really miffed about it.

: Seems that way. Again and again, Sterling bemoans the lack of a worldwide police force to police the worldwide web.

David: Yeah, I found the minutiae of bureaucracy in this chapter about as interesting as most law enforcement officials must, but I thought the section really picked up when he started interviewing the various law enforcement officials. More than any other group. I think they kinda needed to be humanized.

Alex: Case in point: Gail Thackeray.