Meldungen vom 07.10.2011

  • Sales-Support

    Whitepaper zum Thema Personalisierung

    Jeder zweite Online-Händler setzt bereits auf Produktempfehlungen zur Verkaufsförderung.  …mehr

  • Bing Maps StreetSide

    Microsoft erzeugt weniger Widerspruch als Google

    Der neue Panorama-Dienst von Microsoft ist auf deutlich weniger Widerspruch gestoßen als im vergangenen Jahr der Online-Straßenatlas Google Street View.  …mehr

  • Ein Testament ist (noch) nicht bekannt

    Spekulationen um die Milliarden von Steve Jobs

    Was wird aus den Milliarden von Steve Jobs? Beim Apple-Gründer sammelte sich ein Vermögen von mehr als sieben Milliarden Dollar an, vor allem aus dem Verkauf des erfolgreichen Animationsstudios Pixar an Disney.  …mehr

  • Kleine Helfer

    Verlustfreier Schnitt von MP3-Dateien

    Mit "mp3DirectCut" hat der Programmautor Martin Pesch ein Werkzeug für den effizienten und verlustfreien Schnitt von komprimierten MP3-Files entwickelt. …mehr

  • Schwache Nachfrage nach TFTs und Chips

    Samsung rechnet mit Gewinnrückgang

    Die schwächelnde Nachfrage nach Flachbildschirmen und Computerchips schlägt sich beim südkoreanischen Technologiekonzern Samsung Electronics im operativen Ergebnis nieder.  …mehr

  • Groß, aber teuer

    HTC stellt Riesen-Androiden Sensation XL vor

    Nach dem "HTC Sensation XE" bringt der taiwanische Hersteller jetzt das nächste Modell der Sensation-Reihe auf den Markt: Das "HTC Sensation XL" mit Riesen-Display.  …mehr

  • Gebrauchtsoftware

    Microsoft setzt Zwischenhändler Grenzen

    Der Softwarehersteller Microsoft hat sich vor dem Bundesgerichtshof gegen einen Zwischenhändler durchgesetzt, der mit gebrauchten Computern handelt. Er muss künftig Lizenzgebühren zahlen, wenn er gebrauchte Microsoft-Programme auf Computer aufspielt.  …mehr

  • Gewerbsmäßiger Betrug?

    Ermittlungen gegen Deutsche Telekom

    Die Bonner Staatsanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen die Deutsche Telekom wegen des Verdachts auf gewerbsmäßigen Betrugs. …mehr

  • Wall Street Journal

    Sony will Handy-Produktion komplett übernehmen

    Der japanische Sony-Konzern will nach Informationen des "Wall Street Journals" den Handy-Hersteller Sony LM Ericsson komplett übernehmen. Sony stehe kurz davor, dem schwedischen Partner Ericsson dessen Anteil von 50 Prozent abzukaufen, berichtete die Zeitung. …mehr

  • Drucker-Alternativen

    12 Tools für das papierlose Büro

    Drucken kostet Geld und Zeit. Warum also Buchstaben auf Papier bannen, wenn es sich vermeiden lässt? Wir liefern die passenden Tools. …mehr

  • 23 Zoll TFT-Bildschirm

    AOC i2353Fh im Test

    Der TFT-Bildschirm AOC i2353Fh basiert auf einem hochwertigen IPS-Panel. Dadurch zeigte der LCD-Monitor eine überzeugende Bildqualität.  …mehr

    Von Bernd Weeser-Krell
  • Wie Sachbezüge geregelt sind

    Gutschein statt Barlohn

    Der Bundesfinanzhof hat mit seiner Rechtsprechung einen neuen Gestaltungsspielraum geschaffen, sagen die Experten von SH+C.  …mehr

  • IT-Ranking

    Die reichsten IT-Unternehmer Deutschlands

    Geld macht nicht glücklich. Bemühen Sie sich also um ein wenig Mitgefühl, wenn Sie sich das Ranking der zehn reichsten ITK-Unternehmer in Deutschland ansehen!  …mehr

  • Von Pistolen und Einbrechern

    Die Erlebnisse der Chefs, Teil 2

    Manchmal bleibt auch Managern die Luft weg. Im zweiten Teil unseres Specials erinnern sich vier Führungskräfte und eine Beraterin an außergewöhnliche Situationen im Berufsleben.  …mehr

  • iPhone 4S preordering: Early-morning snags frustrate early adopters

    The iPhone 4S, Apple’s latest smartphone offering, at around 12:40 a.m. PT Friday, after a where the company’s online store displayed the “be back soon” graphic. The websites for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, the three U.S. carriers that offer the iPhone, began taking orders around the same time. However, for those who stayed up late—or in the case of some people on the east coast, woke up early—to try to be the first to get their orders in, the process wasn’t always a smooth one.  …mehr

  • Steve Jobs' death creates Twitter surge

    Traffic hit near-record levels on Twitter Wednesday after news spread of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' death.  …mehr

  • Sprint Now Making All the Right Moves

    Sprint has had a painful run over the past few years, with poor financial performance and high subscriber attrition. But things appear to be looking up for the country's (distant) third-place wireless carrier.  …mehr

  • Sprint's solo LTE plan ignores Clearwire assets

    Shares of Sprint Nextel and Clearwire plummeted on Friday after Sprint laid out plans to build its own LTE network, leaving the ailing Clearwire alone to fund and build LTE itself.  …mehr

  • HP set to release NAND flash replacement in 18 months

    A Hewlett-Packard senior fellow this week told attendees at the 2011 in Seville that his company will have a new non-volatile memory chip ready to replace NAND flash and solid state drives (SSD) within 18 months.  …mehr

  • EU antitrust regulators give Microsoft-Skype deal green light

    Antitrust regulators in the European Union today approved Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype, the online telephone and chat giant.  …mehr

  • Storm brewing

    This summer I embarked on my annual vacation with my wife and daughter. As usual, we spent a day packing the ever-present SUV with what looked like three months' worth of supplies and headed to a favorite island of ours for a week of relaxation.  …mehr

  • Imation launches line of NAS appliances for nearline, offline storage

    Imation, a vendor of removable storage medium that includes hard disk drives and magnetic tape, today announced its first network-attached storage appliance aimed at offloading data from primary storage to near-line disk backup and remote disk archives.  …mehr

  • GAO report: DHS data mining needs privacy oversight

    Data-mining programs at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are not fully reviewed by the agency for their effectiveness and, in some cases, for their compliance with privacy protection mandates, according to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office.  …mehr

  • Steve Jobs: Informed by his era

    Steve Jobs and I had exactly this in common—we grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and belonged to The Generation That Simply Will Not Shut Up And Step Aside. Like me—I’m a year younger than Jobs—he was too young to be part of the goings on around the Haight or to attend shows at the Family Dog or Fillmore, but the influence of the ’60s was unavoidable.  …mehr

  • Few Businesses Have Unified Communications: Poll Results

    Two days ago, we asked both business managers and IT managers about how much they had unified their various communications services. Based on the , very few have integrated some combination of voice, fax, email, video conferencing or instant messaging services.  …mehr

  • Don't Like 'Pump and Dump'? Try 'Dump and Pump'

    Managers of companies about to go under often may be thought of as keen on pumping up earnings before dumping their own shares. But recent research shows that these managers have a strong incentive to forgo pump-and-dump personal profits, and instead to distance themselves legally from the consequences of default.  …mehr

  • Is It Too Early to Start the 2011 Holiday Shopping Season?

    No. Your calendar is correct and you didn't accidentally sleep for a month. The World Series hasn't started, and it's not even Halloween yet, and here we are talking about the 2011 holiday shopping season. Too soon?  …mehr

  • iOS 5 vs. Android: Similar Features, Different Approaches

    When Apple launches iOS 5 next week, iPhone and iPad users will get a bunch of features that , including notifications, wireless syncing, and PC-free operation.  …mehr

  • Computers Controlling Military Drones May Be Infected

    The computers used to control Predator and Raptor drones used in Afghanistan and other war zones have been reportedly infected by a virus that captures the keystrokes of the pilots operating the unmanned aircraft.  …mehr

  • Ex-Sun boss McNealy launches social gaming startup

    Scott McNealy has never been shy about sharing his opinions; now he wants everyone else to do the same.  …mehr

  • 111 arrested in massive ID theft bust

    Prosecutors call it the biggest identity theft bust in U.S. history. On Friday, 111 bank tellers, retail workers, waiters and alleged criminals were charged with running a credit-card-stealing organization that stole more than US$13 million in less than a year-and-a-half.  …mehr

  • Wall Street Beat: Tech mergers cover range of IT

    Steve Jobs' death raised question about directions in technology this week while worries about the economy continue to put downward pressure on tech stocks, but for much of the industry it's been business as usual, especially for mergers and acquisitions.  …mehr

  • NBN Co fibre rollout may surpass DSL by 2015: Telsyte

    Fibre optic internet access is set to bypass digital subscriber line (DSL) in 2015 if the NBN Co continues its fibre to the home (FTTH) rollout across Australia but this is dependent on the Labor government staying in power, according to analyst firm Telsyte.  …mehr

  • Get Started With the Vim Text Editor

    A couple of years ago, I took an Introduction to Software Development class, in which we covered Unix and used Vim to write a few simple programs. I didn't really get the point of Vim at the time; I simply thought that it was the only way to edit files in the Terminal. But after looking back and spending some more time with it, I can understand why there are so many die-hard Vim fans out there.  …mehr

  • All Eyes on Tim Cook

    Many of my colleagues have written beautiful tributes to the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. As I wrote in , his absence will be felt. Rather than repeating myself, and piling on with another eulogy, I'd like to turn to current that lies before him.  …mehr

  • Finding Benefits in Higher IT Spending

    Economic pressures on companies to cut spending aren't impacting information technology outlays severely, according to a new survey that shows half of U.S. companies planning to boost IT spending in 2012. Indeed, more than half of those indicate they are aiming for a 5% or more increase.  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Nothing's gonna change my world

    It's been a strange couple of days for all of us on the Apple beat. On Wednesday afternoon, I was in the midst of writing a Remains of the Day that begged bloggers to write about anything than iPhone 4S nitpicks when I heard the news. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose.  …mehr

  • Knowledge is power! Or is it?

    We hear all the time that knowledge is power. In our industry we use this mantra as a justification for all sorts of investment, particularly investments in business intelligence. But is knowledge really power?Let's consider this. In our house we have one rule (thanks to my sister, from whom we lifted this rule). That rule is "everyone deserves love and respect no matter how I feel now". I love this rule because if you use this as your filter for everything that you do it is very difficult to go wrong.Much of my and my wife's teachings to the children in our house (both our own and others that join us from time to time) is based on reinforcing this one rule and what it means. The result is everyone in our house knows this rule, no matter how long they have been with us.Translating this knowledge into action however is problematic. I have come to the conclusion that although we know what love and respect are intellectually, we are not skilled at the behaviours that demonstrate love and respect. Aligned with this is that historically we, like most parents, are drawn to deal with "bad" behaviour rather than reinforcing the behaviour we want.Recently we have changed our approach by adding two tools to our parenting tool kit. Firstly, we have been very explicit about what behaviours demonstrate love and respect (for example, "when I am at school I will do what the teacher asks first time, without complaining") and secondly when we get "bad" behaviour (they are kids after all) we identify it, identify what behaviour would show love and respect and practice the behaviour we want.The results have been fantastic and we are progressively getting more of the behaviour we want and consequently less of the behaviour we do not want. We are beginning to get real power as we close the gap between knowledge and action by focusing on what we want and practicing those behaviours.This knowledge action gap occurs everywhere. It impacts all areas of our lives not just personal and family issues. For example, I recently have become involved with the group.The objective of the group is to raise the bar on IT delivery in New Zealand. As the group began to discuss the issues and potential solutions to "getting IT right" it became apparent to me that the issue we face is that we do not consistently do what we know we should do. As an industry we have plenty of tools and knowledge freely available, but we lack consistent focused action. For example, we all know about the ITIL framework but do we use its guidance consistently? What about project management methods? What about IT governance? I could go on and on. The knowledge is there but we do not use it or at least we do not use it effectively, often focusing on the form of the tools and methods, rather than the intent and behaviour that is required to be successful. Also we tend to focus our management efforts on fixing wrong behaviour rather than supporting and practicing the behaviour we want. My conclusion from this is that if we want to improve the results we are getting for our team or as an industry we would be well served to be:1) Be explicit about what behaviours we want. 2) Practice these behaviours so we are good at them and they come more naturally. 3) Reward and encourage these behaviours when we see them. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power. Action, preferably well researched, explicit, and focused action, is power.I know this all sounds like common sense but as the old saying goes, common sense is not common practice and it's not about knowing what to do, it's about doing what you know!  …mehr

  • Japanese Video Game Show Comes to America, Features Ray Barnholt

    Ray Barnholt, former GamePro Staffer, creator of (no relation to ), and chronicler of all things Game Center on , gets to add a new feather to his cap: being featured on a Japanese TV show.  …mehr

  • RIM to acquire carrier software vendor NewBay

    Research In Motion confirmed on Friday that it has agreed to acquire NewBay Software, a provider of software to help mobile operators and device makers deliver content and services.  …mehr

  • 6 Steps to Boost Data Center Power and Cooling Efficiency

    A by Stanford University professor Jonathan Koomey pegs growth in energy use among U.S. data centers at 36 percent from 2005 to 2010 - which is slower than some had predicted but nonetheless significant.  …mehr

  • Security upgrades needed with growing cyberwar threats

    Countries need to take steps to upgrade critical infrastructure for protection from attacks by cybercombatants or rival countries conducting cyberwarfare, security experts said at a panel discussion this week.  …mehr

  • Welcome to UltraCorp, Millennials!

    Hello and congratulations on completing your six-month new-employee probationary period. We'd like to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions and respond to some of your suggestions from the employee survey.  …mehr

  • Legal reform needed to govern data, experts said

    Legal experts and law enforcement agents say new and updated laws are required to protect user privacy while allowing law enforcement to catch cybercriminals.  …mehr

  • Cybercrime getting easier to commit, federal agents say

    Committing cybercrime these days is as easy as building a fantasy football team, FBI and Secret Service agents said on Friday.  …mehr

  • Want to Revive an Old Netbook? Try Lubuntu

    Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You bought a netbook a couple years back, thinking it would be your go-to travel PC, but quickly became dissatisfied with its sluggish performance--and stuck it in a closet.  …mehr

  • Obama looks to avoid more Wikileaks-type incidents

    President Obama Friday issued an executive order aimed at better securing data stored by federal agencies.  …mehr

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