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  • Publikumsliebling gesucht

    Wer hat die beste Web-Site?

    Das Netzwerk Elektronischer Geschäftsverkehr (NEG) sucht unter Deutschlands Mittelständlern die Firma mit dem besten Web-Auftritt. Wählen Sie ihren Favoriten!  …mehr

  • Tools für Netzwerk und Sicherheit

    Die besten Admin-Tools

    Gute Tools erleichtern Admins die Arbeit enorm. Die Redaktion unserer Schwesterpublikation TecChannel hat die besten gesammelt.  …mehr

  • NCD Embroidery Comp Size font sews up a handmade look

    When you see the word do you think kitschy kittens on potholders in grandmother's kitchen? Stop right there. , a free font by London designer N Downey, is far from domestic. This display font is a rule-bending pixel construction with a touch of military style.  …mehr

  • Sony finds no apparent Anonymous link to PlayStation attack

    Sony said it has found no link between an attack on its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services and Internet activist group Anonymous, which had earlier targeted its systems.  …mehr

  • Sony apologizes, details PlayStation Network attack

    Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services will begin a phased resumption this week, after the company took them offline in response to a "very sophisticated" intrusion, the company said Sunday.  …mehr

  • Stop the Cloud, I Want to Get Off!

    Remember when the "cloud" was just called the "Internet?" This absurd fascination with naming online services after suspended atmospheric condensation is kind of driving me nuts. For around 14 years, millions of people have used , but they didn't use a "cloud email solution." When we were all ripping our CDs a decade ago and looking up track information on the , we weren't using a "cloud music information service." Look, it's just the Internet, people. We don't need a new word to say that data is stored on a central server. I can't wait for the day when "cloud" joins the dustbin of overused and meaningless technology marketing words, along with push, virtual reality, and multimedia.  …mehr

  • Google Tracks You Too, Internal E-mails Show

    A series of internal e-mails from last year highlights how important location data is to Google, and likely gives more ammunition to privacy advocates over how these companies track your every move.  …mehr

  • Sony Exec to Address PlayStation Network Outage

    Sony announced today that the head of its gaming division will make Tokyo Time to address the PlayStation Network outage.  …mehr

  • Worst-case projected cost of Epsilon breach: $4B

    The ultimate fee for the could reach as high as $4 billion, depending on what becomes of the data that was stolen, according to a cyber-risk advisory firm.  …mehr

  • Sony: PlayStation Network Resumes This Week

    Sony is still investigating the security breach that downed its PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services, but expects the gaming network will be back in operation this week, a company exec told media Sunday afternoon in Tokyo.  …mehr

  • Location Tracking: Looking Past the Hype

    I sat down at my computer, prepared to sync my iPhone 4 with iTunes. But I looked at the simple white cord I use to connect the phone, and it suddenly seemed more ominous -- like it was some sort of spy transmitter, sending the private details of my life .  …mehr

  • Wirral Council saves £2.5m with scheduling technology

    Wirral Metropolitan Borough has saved £2.5 million on processes and staff costs using scheduling technology.  …mehr

  • Jobs Escapes Carbonite iPhone Case

    Ever wondered what Steve Jobs would look like ? Stop wondering.  …mehr

  • PlayStation Network hack timeline

    This is a timeline of major events associated with the attack on Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services.Dates are given relative to the location the events took place. Sony announcements, released globally, are listed according to their publication in the U.S.  …mehr

  • Vizio XVT3D650SV HDTV: A Big, Beautiful 3D Set

    If you've been waiting for a full-featured, big-screen LCD TV--and by big, I mean 5-feet-plus on the diagonal--that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, the Vizio XVT3D650SV may well be the answer to your prayers. For $3700 (as of April 7, 2011), this 65-inch set delivers good image quality and 3D support, plus tons of user controls and great connected-TV features, all easily accessible via Vizio's usual first-rate user interface and a nifty Bluetooth remote with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  …mehr

  • Privacy Lost: The Amazing Benefits of the Completely Examined Life

    Your iPhone's tracking you. Your game network just surrendered all your personal data. And your mom is posting your potty-training videos on Facebook. Like many of us, you're laboring under the delusion that privacy matters--that there's such a thing as too much (public) information. It's time to get over it! Soon we'll all recognize the positives of exposing every aspect of our lives. What a relief it will be when we've finally revealed everything and have nothing left to hide. Herewith, the potential benefits of our upcoming, privacy-free utopia:  …mehr

  • How to Respond (and Not) to a Public Relations Incident

    There have been a number of significant data breach and service outage incidents lately. The difference in how organizations respond illustrates both good ways and bad ways to handle a public relations crisis.  …mehr

  • Apple iMacs Refresh Expected Next Week

    Apple is expected to refresh the iMac line next week, adding new Intel processors and Thunderblot ports, according to . If the rumors prove accurate, May 3 should be the day the improved iMacs go on sale. The iMac line was last updated nine months ago.  …mehr

  • GParted Live: A Boot Disk ISO You Can't Afford to Be Without

    If you ever need to partition or edit the partitions on your hard drives without an existing OS on the computer, then GParted Live should be in your PC toolbox. The free is based on a live version of Linux, (i.e. one that will boot from a disc or USB drive), and the Gnome Partition Editor, a.k.a. GPartEd, or more commonly GParted. GParted Live boots quickly, and handles virtually any partition type, including nearly all Linux, OS X, and Windows types.  …mehr

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