Meldungen vom 27.02.2011

  • Freiberufler zuletzt weniger gefragt

    Gegen den Trend

    Während viele Marktbeobachter derzeit über eine gute Auftragslage für Freiberufler jubeln, meldet sich Hays mit teilweise rückläufigen Zahlen zu Wort - zumindest für Ende 2010.  …mehr

  • Der Bachelor ist erst der Anfang

    Jungen Absolventen fehlt die Praxis

    Mit dem Bachelor drängen jüngere Informatiker in die Unternehmen. Die Resonanz auf den neuen Studiengang fällt unterschiedlich aus. Immerhin: Mit besonderen Programmen erleichtern ihnen viele Firmen den Start ins Arbeitsleben.  …mehr

  • VMware Workstation 7 im Test


    Mit Workstation 7 bietet VMware eine Desktop-Virtualisierungslösung für Windows und Windows und Linux. Die neue Version bietet eine verbesserte Grafikunterstützung und unterstützt Windows 7 als Gastsystem in der 32- und 64-Bit-Version. …mehr

  • IT-Sicherheit 2011 - Risiken in Unternehmen minimieren


    Technologien wie Virtualisierung und Cloud Computing bringen neue Bedrohungen und Angriffsmethoden hervor. Deshalb müssen Unternehmen ständig ihre IT-Sicherheit hinterfragen. Experten erörtern, welche Entwicklungen im Bereich IT-Sicherheit im Jahr 2011 wichtig sind.  …mehr

  • WiFi2Hifi streamt Musik aufs iPhone

    Die App des Tages

    Die App "Wifi2Hifi" von der Clever & Son AG verwandelt das iPhone in einen drahtlosen Audioempfänger für die Stereoanlage.  …mehr

  • Server - Die neuen Trends und Technologien 2011

    Cloud Services, Virtualisierung, Servermanagement

    Im Jahr 2010 prägten die Schlagworte Cloud Computing, Virtualisierung und Energieeffizienz den Serverbereich. Mit welchen Themen müssen sich die Administratoren und IT-Verantwortlichen im Jahr 2011 auseinandersetzen? Serverexperten von Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM und PC-Ware geben Auskunft.  …mehr

  • Business-Notebooks 2011 - das sind die Trends

    Formfaktoren, Datensicherheit, Tablets

    Beinahe schon systembedingt ist der Markt für mobile Systeme mächtig in Bewegung. Neue Formfaktoren, neue Technologien und neue Anforderungen bestimmen die Entwicklung der Business-Notebooks. Grund genug, die Trends für professionelle mobile Rechner eingehend zu betrachten.  …mehr

  • Mehr Jobs und mehr Geld in der IT


    Im Jahr eins nach der Krise eröffnen sich für Informatiker gute Chancen: In der IT-Branche gibt es nicht nur mehr offene Stellen. Auch die Gehälter steigen.  …mehr

  • So verändern Sie die Firmenkultur

    Analyse statt Aktionismus

    Wie Unternehmen die Weichen für einen Wandel der Unternehmenskultur stellen können, sagt Johann Scholten.  …mehr

  • Auf einen guten Start kommt es an

    Tipps für Ihren Messeauftritt

    Eine gute Vorbereitung führt zu einem erfolgreichen Messeverlauf. Wie dies gelingt, sagt Karl Heinz Lorenz. …mehr

  • In sechs Schritten zu mehr Geld


    Sie wollen mehr verdienen? Gehaltscoach und Verhandlungsexpertin Claudia Kimich hat eine Methode entwickelt, wie Sie Ihr Ziel erreichen können.  …mehr

  • Microsoft Shows Off the Latest in Gesture Interfaces

    The future is here (well, sort of) with the latest in gesture technology from Microsoft. Not only could you soon be able to draw without ever touching the screen or a mouse, but the screen could follow your eyes to project a 3D image directly at you. Check out this video from as Microsoft's Applied Sciences director, , shows off the latest gesture tech.  …mehr

  • TIO records increase in complaints despite service focus

    Despite the concerted efforts of government and industry bodies to lift customer services standards in the telecommunications sector, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has registered a sizeable increase in received complaints in the six months to December 2010.  …mehr

  • Sen. Schumer Calls on Sites to Step Up Consumer Protection

    "As the operator of one of the world's most popular websites, you provide a valuable service to Internet users across America. With the privilege of serving millions of U.S. citizens, however, comes the responsibility to protect them while they are on your site."  …mehr

  • Google Doesn't Hate You, It's Just Business

    Move along folks. Nothing to see here.  …mehr

  • Lab report: 2011 MacBook Pro benchmark results

    The benchmark results for are in—and they’re impressive. In testing conducted by Macworld Lab, the laptops released Thursday turned in Speedmark scores between 13 and 53 percent faster than the systems they replace.  …mehr

  • My backup plan: Kirk McElhearn

    I’m a belt-and-suspenders guy when it comes to backups. All this began one day in the mid-1990s, when I lost a day’s work on my PowerBook 100. From that day on, I have been extremely prudent about how I protect my data, and I currently use a multi-pronged backup approach, and even use multiple backups for important data.  …mehr

  • Next Up: iPhone 5

    Next week Apple will spill the beans on the , which can only mean one thing: It's time to start focusing on the iPhone 5 -- which will (probably) be announced in June.  …mehr

  • Photoshop Turns 21: We Take a Look Back

    Adobe's Photoshop celebrates its 21st birthday this month, and with 12 major releases under its belt GeekTech decided to take a brief look back at the graphics editor that could--hilarious cat picture included!  …mehr

  • Use Microsoft Excel for (Nearly) Everything

    Microsoft Excel spreadsheets hold more than a million rows of data and automate number crunching, but they can do so much more. Excel's simple interface lends itself to uses well beyond those that its designers ever imagined.  …mehr

  • Get Superpowers for Free With Champions Online Free for All

    Champions Online, a massively-multiplayer online (MMO) game based on the Hero System tabletop roleplaying game, was released in 2009 by Cryptic Studios to an average reception. It seems that few wanted to pay $15 a month for another in late 2010, Cryptic converted Champions Online to a free-to-play model, similar to what they did with their . The entire game is free, but there are certain limitations on the free account. Custom or special character archetypes (such as a necromancer type called The Void), premium items, and free customer service, are all restricted to what's now called the Gold account, which remains at $15 / month. But the underlying game is now free for everyone.  …mehr

  • There's No Clear Winner in Google's Search 'War'

    Google has supposedly ," yet has never come out and said that. In fact, all Google says is that it has launched "a pretty big algorithmic improvement" to how it ranks search results. Google writes that its goal is to improve rankings so that supposed "high-quality" sites will rank higher than "low-quality" content.  …mehr

  • Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan

    Nintendo's bid to put glasses-free 3D into the anxious hands of the masses just got underway in Japan. The company's 3DS--sequel to the DS and DSi, and employing a new 3.53-inch widescreen that uses tech to create the illusion of three-dimensional imagery--launched Saturday in the Land of the Rising Sun to long lines, claims of emptied stores, and Twitter tales of 3D-induced headaches.  …mehr

  • iOS publisher Bulky Pix to release 40 games in 2011

    While most New Year’s resolutions are waning by this time of year, game publisher is making good on their ambitious plan to release 40 iPad and iPhone games in 2011. These new titles will double their current library of games for iOS devices. The Paris- and San Francisco-based publisher developed about a third of these new releases in-house, while the remaining projects are being developed by outside studios.  …mehr

  • The Lightbulb as I.T.

    For almost 100 years, the lightbulb was simply a lighting device: when a current passed through it, photons came out. Over the last few decades, that has changed. The electronic ballast in a modern fluorescent fixture has almost as many power electronics in it as your cell phone. And, with the emergence of L.E.D.'s, the lightbulb will make the leap to full-fledged I.T. appliance, capable of intelligent automated control and energy management. That transformation is a microcosm of changes in all machines that we use to live our lives: cars are more CPU than engines; HVAC systems have more computing power than an old-fashioned IBM mainframe; and your television set has morphed into another access point for the Internet.  …mehr

  • Study: Apple’s Mobile Browser is Fastest

    Sick of waiting for pages to load on your mobile device? Get an iPad or iPhone. That’s the upshot of a mobile browser speed study done by a company called . They found that Apple’s mobile version of Safari was fastest and BlackBerry’s browser the slowest.  …mehr

  • eSports Update: State of the GSL

    As usual, the world of Starcraft II competition is busy-busy. Today we're going to recap the GSL Team League matches and the new Code A/Code S seasons.  …mehr

  • Mo’s Mobile bypasses IT with Google Apps

    Tim Levy, co-founder of mobile phone retailer , is using Google Apps to bypass the IT department — and he is pretty happy with the results.  …mehr

  • DirecTV app coming to an iPad near you

    DirecTV announced on Wednesday that that will let users of the satellite TV service browse shows, set up recordings, and control their DVRs using Apple’s tablet. The company already has an that lets you view listings and schedule recordings.  …mehr

  • Peripheral makers get ready for Thunderbolt

    The arrival of brings a brand new peripheral-connection technology from Intel——and with it the promise of faster data transfer speeds. But if Thunderbolt’s going to deliver on that promise, peripheral makers will need to deliver products that take advantage of that technology.  …mehr

  • Cisco releases video collaboration tools

    With an eye on business collaboration and communication, Cisco has released a range of new video production products aimed at enterprise customers.  …mehr

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