The Macalope Weekly: Know when to hold 'em, fold 'em


This all raises the question: over the past two years, would you have gained more knowledge by reading Lyons, or by having your head up your own ass?

Tough call.

Indeed. Because other than Lyons, Google's move here doesn't seem to have been very well received. and , writing for the Havard Business Review, doesn't see this as part of some master strategy by Google. But they're probably both "Apple fanboys" too. As is everyone at S&P and the Harvard Business Review.

When it comes to both Lyons and Bott, their histrionics about Apple's problems are what show off biases. As Siegler points out, Lyons claimed Apple should be in a "panic" over the iPhone 4's antenna problems. Bott, on the other hand, was somewhat more responsible in his coverage of the Mac Defender virus. All 8 kajillion words he wrote about it. Still, his predicted flood of Mac malware has yet to materialize (keep hoping for bad things, Ed!). On Twitter, Bott's more off-the-cuff, hence MG Siegler is not a journalist or blogger, he's just a "canonical Apple fanboy."

Newsflash for Lyons and Bott: The reason people like Siegler and Gruber and this furry beast so often write favorably about Apple is because the company is, by every measure, astoundingly and almost unprecedentedly successful. That should be obvious. In fact,