The Macalope Weekly: Know when to hold 'em, fold 'em


Bott chose to make himself an expert in one of Apple's rare flaws, which is fine and perhaps even helpful. What's fine is hurling names at others who dare to suggest Apple nay-sayers are making mountains out of molehills. It's nice that you're spending time on this one issue, but try to look up from time to time and see the forest full of Ents storming the castle for the few trees with Dutch elm disease.

Lyons, his Fake Steve gig having been shuttered like a knockoff Apple Store, can no longer play a visionary jerk, so he seems content to play a jerk with blinders on. Why he would do that under his own name is beyond the Macalope.

These guys, and others like them, are dying to be the first to call Apple's decline. For some reason, Apple's popularity seems to irk them, as seen in .

Surely Apple can have no problems. You are holding it wrong.

Of course, Siegler never said that. The Macalope doesn't want to be too hard on Bott for a couple of flip comments on Twitter. His posts on Mac Defender have been more reasonable. All 97 of them.