The Macalope: Pad derangement syndrome


Right. That thing that's presently just a bunch of drawings and ideas? That's totally better. Businesses should wait for that.

A tablet that works seamlessly with the Web would be a more natural extension of existing business tools than a tablet PC centered around iPhone apps.

Sure. All those business Web apps coded in proprietary Microsoft technology that only run in IE are a "natural" extension of Chrome.

Look, let's just be honest, OK? Corporate IT shops are going to find reason to tell their users they can't use the iPad. It has an Apple logo on it. For them, that's all they need to know. They've been doing this for thirty years now. Thirty years! It's in their DNA. They can't help themselves anymore. It's sad, really, because they're missing out on a lot. But there's only so many times you can lead a horse to water before you just have to give up. And shoot it.

Maybe it's just the Macalope, but sometimes it's hard to take Tony Bradley's advice seriously. Why is that? The horny one can't exactly put his hoof on it...