The Macalope: Pad derangement syndrome


Nobody wants to give anything up, but sometimes that's exactly what you need to do to get something back--something a netbook or a tablet running Windows 7 will never have.

And that is freedom. Freedom to work outside the constraints of everything that came before. If that sounds like Apple-booster double talk for "STEVE JOBS HAS COMMANDED ME TO PROMOTE THE IPAD AT ALL COSTS," well, sorry. It's a vision of technology you can either buy into or not. The Macalope's laid down the (metaphorical) cash, but he recognizes there are those who haven't. For you people, here's .

It should come as no surprise that corporate IT shops are unlikely to buy into this vision. Indeed, they were attacking the iPad .

Don't worry, dour men and women of enterprise IT! 's got your back! According to Tony, the Chrome-based tablet--currently in the mockup and early concept stage--will be better for business use than the iPad.