Judging enterprise Mac OS adoption


"As part of my job, I can't ignore Windows, since I need to test websites in a wide variety of browsers, including those only available in Windows," Hoy says. "The beauty of Mac is you can just run to run two operating systems at once-one Windows and one OSX-or run to start up your computer as if it was a Windows machine." Outside of website testing, Hoy's only other reason to choose Windows software is gaming. "Things like Office are just not necessary anymore, when there are available. This year I was introduced to OS 10.5, Parallels and Bootcamp. My PC has become a very large paperweight as a result, and I don't even miss it."

Obviously Hoy isn't alone in the art field with her Mac usage.

"They are standard in my industry," Hoy says. Though some people in her field still use PCs. "What's frightening is I've worked in more than one office that ran all PCs. I say 'frightening' because, as I mentioned before, Mac is the industry standard for graphics. In my current office, we have, I believe, 5 PCs and 10 Macs. PCs are reserved for administrative and sales employees, as well as our programmer."

Software engineer sticks to his PC

While he will continue to use his PC for now, Matt Soloway, a software engineer at , says four changes to the Mac operating system could sway him: a lower price, tighter security, more software engineering tools and an OS that is less likely to crash.