Judging enterprise Mac OS adoption


Soloway says that around 80 percent of people at his company use PCs as opposed to Macs. He believes that within his industry, as well. Soloway says that though Macs have "their foot in the door" of the enterprise, he doubts they will become more widely used than PCs in that market. ( )

Will the tide turn for Macs in the enterprise?

Although many are skeptical about Macs overtaking the enterprise, others feel that big changes to the Mac market may be right around the corner.

According to a Gartner release last January, by 2012, "Apple will double its U.S. and Western Europe unit market share in computers." But considering that some people are still wary of Macs, just who is adding to this share?

Christopher Smulders, managing vice president of client computing at Gartner, says that prediction was made based on brand awareness, compatibility, product design and consumer disappointment with Vista. Smulders also notes that "the share gains are primarily in the home and very small businesses."