Judging enterprise Mac OS adoption


At Harvard Medical, employees can choose their own operating system because the entire system is simply run differently than Beth Israel's-no public access kiosk. , Halamka says. Though his family found that learning the Mac system was easy, Halamka says that some people might be so used to the complexity of Windows that they treat a Mac the same way.

Artist switches from PC to Mac

Many people have switched to Macs after realizing how much the Apple computer's capabilities have improved over the years.

After using PCs during her college and early career years in the art field, , Raleigh, NC, will now only use a Mac.

"For personal use, I just find Macs easier to use than PCs, even though I used PCs for years before switching. Especially now that they are becoming more mainstream, have more software options, and even can run Windows, ," Hoy says, adding that her transition two years ago was pretty smooth. Yet, having to do website testing for her job meant she couldn't get rid of her PC so easily.