iPhone 5 rumor roundup for week ending May 13


The accompanying somewhat out of focus photo, showing something that looks vaguely like a black wrench with a couple of attached wires, is supposed to be the speaker. The , "which doesn’t have a terrible history in the past with such rumors," Cult of Mac helpfully notes.

But why let a little thing like that get in the way of speculation? "What can be gleaned from these parts?" Cult of Mac asks. Quite a lot, apparently. Like, for instance, "rumors that the iPhone 5 will have a capacitive home button are junk." Junk, because a new rumor "proves" an older rumor is false. Secondly, "sadly, it appears that the iPhone 5's speaker will continue to be a mono affair."

What can be learned from this? Quite a lot, apparently. Cult of Mac: "The iPhone 5 won’t be a big leap forward for either the home button or the audio. [See "junk" above] However, the shape of the [rumored] new dock connector and speaker do imply that there will be notable changes to the iPhone 5's shape and internal make-up compared to the iPhone 4, probably necessitated by the rumored larger displays."

Enhanced voice recognition: A number of sites, like Gadgets and Gizmos, are rumoring that iPhone 5 will have an "enhanced voice recognition service." Apple can’t do anything that is just "new." In this case, the Gadgets and Gizmos headline excitedly, and awkwardly, wonders  

The source for this wonderment is a considerably more substantive news story by MG Siegler at Techcrunch. Siegler reports that Apple is currently running ’ voice recognition software at its huge new North Carolina data center, a facility widely believed to be the foundation for new as-yet-unannounced cloud services from Apple. will let Apple "process this voice information for iOS users faster," keep that data away from third-party servers, and build on and improve voice processing services at will.