iPhone 5 rumor roundup for week ending May 13



Eaton says, reasonably, that Apple may just continue this practice with iPhone 4 when iPhone 5 is eventually released. But then he argues that the success of the lower-priced, older Apple hardware shows that Apple might try to appeal to the same set of cost-conscious buyers with a "Lite" iPhone 5 model -- one that may have a smaller screen, smaller battery, less memory, more plastic.

"These are all tweaks that would significantly reduce the production price without necessarily degrading the user experience…," Eaton claims. "A drop in price like this would let Apple sell an iPhone Lite at a knock-down price…, enabling it to scoop up more of the low-end market that it's partially ceded to Android."

But the high-quality engineering of Apple’s products *is* part of the "user experience." And there doesn’t seem to be much other "evidence" that Apple has any interest in the low-end market, for any of its products.

iPhone 5 parts surface: In case you were wondering what the iPhone 5 speaker and home button might look like, Cult of Mac is all over it. "Is This The Speaker And Home Button Of The iPhone 5?" is the .