Google lauds the Web as programming model


Google's open source project was detailed. It offers 3D graphics inside the browser and featuring a JavaScript API. A demonstration of O3D showed it running inside Google's Chrome browser. But enabling rich 3D graphics inside browsers by default will require a common set of APIs, said Matthew Papakipos, Google engineering director. Google is working with other browser vendors, such as Apple and Mozilla, on such an effort.

"We still have a long way to go, but we've begun the process," Papakipos said. He also urged developers to build real-world applications for 3D.

Also cited was an HTML 5 capability enabling browsers to better handle video. The company also launched Google , for adding Google applications such as Maps, Search, News and Calendar to a Web site or blog. Developers simply copy and paste the Google application onto a site.

In expanding Java developer access to App Engine from a select few to a broader range of developers, Google Tech Lead Kevin Gibbs noted developers thus far have been able to get a range of languages running on App Engine via the Java Virtual Machine, including JRuby, Scala, Groovy, and PHP.

"The interest in our Java language support since we launched [Java capabilities for App Engine] a month and a half ago has been remarkable," Gibbs said. Google in coming months plans to fit App Engine with background processing for jobs and large objects support for applications.