Google lauds the Web as programming model

Preaching the Web as the new programming model, Google officials lauded several technologies, including 3D browser capabilities and an ability to easily add Google applications to Web pages, at the Google I/O conference on Wednesday.

The company also said it would give out 4,000 Android phones to attendees at the event in San Francisco for the purpose of boosting development on the platform. Executives from Google and partners touted HTML 5 as a cornerstone technology enabling a range of capabilities in the browser visualization space.

Also highlighted were a range of developments like an expansion of Java developer access to the Google App Engine cloud platform. Google discussed the upcoming Google Web Toolkit 2.0, which is set to feature such enhancements as browser-based debugging capabilities.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt preached an Internet-based programming model as a successor to mainframe and PC models.

"We finally now have the networks, the businesses, the programmers, the programming tools that can build the kind of platform and the kind of opportunities that I want to highlight," Schmidt said.