Google lauds the Web as programming model


In detailing Google Web Toolkit 2.0, Google's Andrew Bowers, a product management official, said the release would offer developer-guided code splitting, or runAsynch, for splitting JavaScript files across multiple files. This technology is intended to address a situation in which the JavaScript code base would grow as developers use HTML 5 capabilities. Without a solution, users would have to wait and wait for an application to finish loading, he explained.

The planned "Donut" release of Google's Android mobile phone software was highlighted, featuring a text-to-speech API.

Google also announced the second phase of its , through which developers can build applications for the mobile platform. Awards will be presented to the top applications, with these announced in November.

Mozilla Vice President Jay Sullivan touted JavaScript performance in the planned browser. "JavaScript performance is three times faster than it was in 3.0 and 10 times faster than it was in 2.0," he said.

Sullivan lauded the Web as a development platform.