Apple Macs: Designed for Design?


"We use around 100 Apple Mac units at McCann Erickson mostly for the Creatives and Design departments, because graphics is really native to the Mac," he explains. "We use it for graphic design and multimedia editing, among others, because of the clarity and crispness of the graphics."

Buyco said one could only take a single look at an image produced with a Mac and a PC and not find it hard to tell the difference. "Macs have better color synchronization between the screen display and the actual print output," he says. "Being in the advertising industry, our clients focus mainly on the color of our outputs." This, he says, is better achieved with Macs.

Aside from impeccable graphics capabilities, Buyco says they also trusted Macs for their durability. "We have Mac G4, G5 and Macbook Pros in the office," he narrates. "The Mac G4 is the equivalent of a Pentium III PC, which is already obsolete. Ours is still operational till now," he quips.

But is their choice to shift to Macs--after using IBM PCs prior to it--a logical step towards improvement, considering the high cost of Apple Macs? "We consider it an investment, because clients are satisfied with the results," he says. "Otherwise, we consider it as something that generates income and saves us costs, considering the durability and reliability of the units."