Apple Macs: Designed for Design?


McCann Erickson's use of Macs, though beneficial and smooth-sailing at the time being, is not met without a few kinks that needed to be ironed out along the way. "Most of our issues are work-related, such as loads becoming too heavy, units needing upgrade or normal end-of-life problems of components," Buyco enumerates.

"But one of the main issues with the shift is managing user perceptions," he clarifies. Buyco says Macs call for a special training course for employees to be able to grasp the new system. "Good thing our artists and designers prefer Macs, so they have a grasp of it already," he adds.

Buyco advises companies looking to shift to a Mac to think twice before jumping the gun. "There's a possibility of employees having learning curves, especially if they're used to operating a PC," he warns. "It slows down productivity and, strictly speaking, not everyone is prepared or armed to use a Mac."