Apple Macs: Designed for Design?


The interoperability of applications has long prevented companies from making the big switch to Apple Macs, Buyco says. "Macs are durable, reliable and very secure, but not a lot of applications--especially those designed for the enterprise--are available for its operating system," he adds, saying that support from software developers is needed in order for this goal to be realized.

Despite this, Buyco continues to praise Macs for its solid security system. "For the ten years that we have used Macs, I'd say we never had to deal with a single virus targeted at our Mac units in the entire history of McCann Erickson," he proudly narrates. "Getting hacked on a Mac is likewise a very remote possibility," he adds.

Regardless of these top-of-the-line features, Buyco believes the entrance of Macs into the corporate zone will be won in a very hard-earned battle over PCs. "Macs are generally multimedia computers. They were really built for multimedia and graphics, which sets it apart from the rest."

Computing power and some utility applications are already accessible through the Mac, Buyco says. "But right now, using a Mac for enterprise purposes is like buying a Volvo car and using it as a jeepney," he reiterates, citing unique features of Macs that make it suitable only for certain purposes.