12 Gadgets That Let You Ditch Power Cords, Wires and Hassles


Wireless music systems for the home aren't new, but the refreshes the genre by adding some innovative touches and a relatively affordable (for Sonos) $399 price. The S5 combines speakers, amplifier, and wireless networking in a single device--a first for Sonos. The S5 is a convenient way for existing Sonos users to add another unit to their wireless music system too. And iPhone and iPod touch users can control the S5 via the free Sonos Controller for iPhone app.

E-readers like the are low-power devices built to last for days between charges. So LG's got the right idea by designing a , which it plans to debut in 2012. Four to five hours of sunlight would provide enough juice to power the e-reader for a day, according to LG. The combination of solar charging and (hopefully) wireless content delivery might make the LG e-reader the first truly cordless device.

LG loves the sun, apparently. Its $100 charges via sunlight--a boon for those of us who live in sunny climes. Wireless charging is ideal for the car dashboard, where a rat's nest of cords can be both distracting and dangerous. The HFB-500 isn't ideal for areas that usually cloudy, although its in-car charging cable is handy when the sun's taking an extended holiday.