12 Gadgets That Let You Ditch Power Cords, Wires and Hassles


Chalk one up for the Mac side. The is a cordless backup system that combines a wireless router and hard drive in a slim box. Using 802.11n Wi-Fi, Time Capsule automatically makes a copy of all files on your Mac, although Apple recommends that you use a cable for your first backup. (Those inaugural backups can be marathon sessions, and a wired connection gets the job done faster.) Time Capsule has plenty of storage capacity too: The costs $499; the 1TB model is $299.

Surveillance cameras suffer two big drawbacks: They're hard to mount where you want them, and most models require plugging into a wall socket, which is invariably nowhere nearby. One company, Avaak, says that it has come up with a solution, a peel-and-stick video camera system called Vue.

The cameras themselves are about as good as a mediocre Webcam, but what's great about them is that they run on powerful batteries that can last one year, according to the company. Avaak states that it estimates the one-year battery life based on "normal use"--but the company conveniently doesn't define what "normal use" is. Though you can't recharge the Vue batteries, you can replace them for under $10.