Meldungen vom 03.10.2011

  • Mitarbeitermotivation

    Glückliche Mitarbeiter sind Chefsache

    Glückliche Mitarbeiter leisten mehr. Wie Chefs und Personaler eine gute Arbeitsatmosphäre schaffen, erklärt der Arbeitspsychologe Peter Warr.  …mehr

  • Bildergalerie

    Die schlimmsten Technik-Flops 2011

    Das Jahr ist noch nicht um, aber IT-Katastrophen gibt es schon mehr als genug. Wir stellen die größten Flops des Jahres in einer Bildergalerie vor.  …mehr

  • TV Streams kostenlos am PC ansehen

    Die besten Gratis-TV-Tools

    Egal ob Blockbuster oder Fußball-Highlight: Mit unseren Gratis-Tools streamen Sie die besten Videos und Filme auf Ihren PC. …mehr

  • Open Source

    Die Linux-Woche im Rückblick

    Unter anderem gab es diese Woche eine neue große Version der Firewall-Distribution IPCop, die OpenVPN mit sich bringt. MeeGo wird offenbar nicht weiterentwickelt.  …mehr

  • Der Führungstipp

    So rechnen sich kostenlose Serviceleistungen

    "Die Mitarbeiter meiner IT-Beratung gehen sehr stark auf die Servicewünsche unserer Kunden ein. Das ist auch gut so. Aber manchmal verlieren sie dabei das rechte Maß. Wie bringe ich sie dazu, auch an die betriebswirtschaftliche Seite zu denken?"  …mehr

  • What to expect when Apple finally 'talks iPhone' Tuesday

    For months, rumors and speculation have been obsessed with the next 's hardware including the screen size, a processor upgrade, more memory, the shape of the case and even the material used for the case. But Tuesday's announcement at 's California headquarters is more likely to show the company's conviction that hardware is in a sense simply an "enabler" for software.  …mehr

  • Ellison unveils 'Exalytics' in-memory machine

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison unveiled the Exalytics Intelligence Machine, the latest member of the company's products that combine software and hardware, during a keynote address at the OpenWorld conference on Sunday in San Francisco.  …mehr

  • Walmart, T-Mobile to Sell No-Contract $30 Phone Plans

    The budget smartphone market's heating up, as Walmart and T-Mobile offer $30 per month, contract-free plans with "unlimited" 4G data.  …mehr

  • Adobe embraces touch with six new apps

    Adobe plans to release six applications designed to be used exclusively on touch-based devices, including apps to execute creative tasks such as photo editing and Web page design, the company announced Monday.  …mehr

  • Web Developments: 3 Cool New Features for Internet Users

    It isn't often that software companies listen closely to their customers. Sure, every software exec I've ever met pays lip service to that, but few actually do it. So it's great to report that the Mozilla Foundation, which publishes the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird mail client, is responding to numerous complaints that its rapid upgrade cycle is causing big headaches for users.  …mehr

  • Growl shows that open source and the Mac App Store mix

    Notifications have become a mainstay of modern computing. While people routinely only perform a single task, our computers continually juggle many, so knowing when our devices have carried out some job in the background has become a critical piece of data. While a notification makeover is a , Mac users have had their own notification platform for more than five years in the form of the open-source software .  …mehr

  • With iPhone 5 imminent, users sell older models in record numbers

    iPhone 4 trade-in business has been very brisk at companies that buy older smartphones, an early indication of how Apple's next model will sell, the firms said.  …mehr

  • Sony Reportedly Requiring Online Passes for All Future Games

    As reported by the folks over at , Sony Computer Entertainment of America has noted that they'll be requiring online passes for all of their future games, starting with next month's .  …mehr

  • Freemake Audio Converter

    Not everyone needs to convert their audio files, but if you do, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better way than Freemake Audio Converter. It's not perfect, but the program is attractive and super-easy to use, and it converts a ton of audio formats--including some not-so-common types.  …mehr

  • MySQL hits new development milestone

    Oracle is making the open-source MySQL database more stable and feature-rich through a shift in development philosophy, MySQL Vice President of Engineering Tomas Ulin said during a keynote address Monday at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.  …mehr

  • Audio Converter Fre:ac

    I liked fre:ac when it was bonkenc, and I like it now. It's the second-best free audio converter available (after ), and--if granularity over the quality of the conversions, support for Windows Media Lossless Audio, and command line access are priorities--deserving of download.  …mehr

  • Preparing your Lion repair kit

    Reader Mike Kohler seeks to update his troubleshooting kit now that he’s moved to Lion. He writes:  …mehr


    In the age of Facebook, LinkedIn and the public Google profile, is there still room for a personal homepage? According to, there certainly is--and I'm inclined to agree. This simple, visual service aims to make it possible for just about anyone to create their own impressive home on the Web, and hook it up to every social feed imaginable. (free and $20/year plans) is by no means the only player on the field: Competitor offers a very similar service, right down to the top-level domain of .me.  …mehr

  • Google+ rides momentum up social net ranks

    Just weeks after opening up membership to , visits to the new social network are booming.  …mehr

  • HP completes Autonomy acquisition

    Hewlett-Packard has secured enough shares of Autonomy to take control of the U.K. software company, HP announced Monday.  …mehr

  • Oracle's Big Data Appliance taps growing enterprise need, analysts say

    SAN FRANCISCIO -- Oracle's new Big Data Appliance, this morning at the OpenWorld2011 conference here, should appeal to enterprises looking for more efficient ways to capture, organize and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data.  …mehr

  • Can Newegg survive the post-PC future?

    There was a time when building your own desktop computer, piece by piece, could get you the best and most affordable system possible. I had a brief, exciting moment in that time, around the year 2000. I wanted a system that ran quietly, had a case that was more or less a mini-tower, and had the kind of serious sound card that would foster my college daydreams of being an audio engineer. But picking out parts, wondering if they'd work together, and obsessing over price drops and return policies was so daunting, I'd put the decisions off by doing actual schoolwork, until an older friend in the know grabbed my shoulder, gave a knowing nod, and said one word: "Newegg."  …mehr

  • Reported Sprint iPhone deal sparks wild speculation, backlash to wild speculation

    A report in The Wall Street Journal today has now sparked speculation that Sprint could be the exclusive carrier for the 5.  …mehr

  • IPhone 5 reportedly a Sprint exclusive

    Sprint is expected to get the iPhone 5 exclusively from Apple to run over its 4G Wimax network, according to a .  …mehr

  • Busytown for iPhone and iPad

    was one of the seminal books of my childhood. There was something about flipping through page after page of anthropomorphized animals delivering the mail and riding in fire trucks and employed in other professions that captured my youthful imagination. And so I was excited when I heard that had arrived on the App Store. Not only would such an app mean that a beloved artifact of my childhood could find new life in the digital world, it would also let me pass on something I loved as a kid to my own daughter.  …mehr

  • Apple's iPhone Event: 5 Things to Watch For

    Apple's iPhone event on Tuesday is about more than just new hardware. The company is at a crossroads, with Steve Jobs out as CEO and with big changes coming to iOS via iCloud. Apple watchers will want to pay close attention, because whatever happens on Tuesday will have greater implications beyond the iPhone 5.  …mehr

  • Dell Latitude E6320 Business-Rugged Laptop

    The Dell Latitude E6320 isn't the prettiest ultraportable laptop, but it definitely gets the job done. It's a solid performer, and it has a lot of little features that business professionals will definitely appreciate. Spill-proof keyboard? Check. Business-rugged design? Check. Fast-charging battery? Docking station connector? Bright LED screen? Check, check, check.  …mehr

  • Kindle Fire virtual teardown puts cost at $209.63, about $10 above retail

    The Kindle Fire tablet costs $209.63 for materials and manufacturing expenses, more than $10 above its $199 pricetag, according to a virtual estimate by IT research firm IHS iSuppli.  …mehr

  • iPhone and iPad Security: The Human Element

    The iPhone and iPad are not your dad's new-fangled laptop. Or are they?  …mehr

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