Meldungen vom 26.08.2011

  • Telekom-Chef

    Obermann zum "Sprachpanscher des Jahres" gekürt

    "Call & Surf Comfort", "Free Call International Advanced", "CombiCard Teens", "Entertain Comfort" - Telekom-Chef René Obermann ist in Dortmund zum "Sprachpanscher des Jahres 2011" gekürt worden. …mehr

  • Gamescom

    Kritisierter RTL-Bericht verstößt nicht gegen Medienrecht

    Trotz eines Proteststurms gegen einen RTL-Beitrag zur Computermesse Gamescom haben die Medienwächter in dem Bericht keinen Verstoß gegen das Medienrecht feststellen können. …mehr

  • Tim Cook verspricht

    Apple wird sich nicht ändern

    Der neue Apple-Chef Tim Cook hat in seiner ersten E-Mail an die Mitarbeiter versprochen, dem Geist des Technologie-Pioniers treu zu bleiben. …mehr

  • Convar BytePac

    Festplatten nachhaltig archivieren

    Der vor allem als Datenretter bekannte Anbieter Convar hat mit "BytePac" ein interessantes System zur Archivierung von Festplatten vorgestellt.  …mehr

  • Franzosen bieten um die Wette

    HP Touchpad heute günstig!

    Sie dachten, 99 Euro für ein HP Touchpad seien fast schon zuviel? Dann schauen Sie einmal bei Ebay Frankreich vorbei…  …mehr

  • Gegen Xing

    LinkedIn eröffnet Niederlassung in Deutschland

    Das globale Karriere-Netzwerk LinkedIn will mit einem Büro in München neue Mitglieder und Kunden im deutschsprachigen Raum gewinnen. …mehr

  • BBM Music

    RIM startet Cloud-basierten Musik-Dienst für Blackberry

    Research in Motion (RIM) hat einen Cloud-basierten Musikservice vorgestellt. Zurzeit können ausgewählte Nutzer BBM Music testen, noch in diesem Jahr soll der Dienst auch in Deutschland kommerziell verfügbar sein.  …mehr

  • Wegen Investitionsstau

    VW-IT hat ein Security-Problem

    Eine interne Untersuchung hat die Gefahr eines Hackerangriffs auf Volkswagen einem Zeitungsbericht zufolge "schonungslos aufgedeckt".  …mehr

  • Rory Read

    AMD holt sich Lenovo-Manager als neuen Chef

    Der Intel-Konkurrent AMD hat harte Jahre mit hohen Verlusten und Führungsproblemen hinter sich. …mehr

  • Kleine Helfer

    Effiziente Verwaltung von Twitter & Co.

    "TweetDeck" bündelt und strukturiert die Informationsflut der Social-Media-Dienste unter einer Oberfläche.  …mehr

  • Barcoo, kaufDa, Layar & Co.

    Die besten Shopping-Apps

    Als kleine, mobile und vor allem Internet-fähige Geräte sind Smartphones als Einkaufshelfer geradezu prädestiniert. Hier finden Sie die besten Apps dazu. …mehr

  • Kommunikation? Nein, danke.

    Neulich in… Frankfurt am Main

    Der Flieger aus München war bis auf den letzten Platz besetzt, in Frankfurt am Main zeigte das Thermometer 35 Grad und die Klimaanlage im Taxi arbeitete am Limit. An diesem Tage hatte ein indischer IT-Provider Outsourcing-Berater aus ganz Deutschland in die Main-Metropole eingeladen, um sein Portfolio zu präsentieren.  …mehr

  • What Will Zelda on the Wii U Play Like?

    On the Nintendo Wii?, Zelda was all about the motion controls. But what about the Wii U, which incorporates a touchscreen?  …mehr

  • Simply B&W for iPhone

    Let's face it, some photos just look better in black and white. Heck, I think almost everything looks better in black and white. OK, I confess, black-and-white photography is my real passion as a photographer. I first got into it in darkrooms full of stinky chemicals while in college, and it has always held a special place in my heart. I tend to take my black-and-white work pretty seriously, so any iPhone app looking to catch my interest in this space is going to have to work pretty hard.  …mehr

  • iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Aug. 26

    As closes in on the East Coast, iOSsphere rumors of 5 ticked up slightly to Category 2. Fueled by hot air, rumors broke out about iPhone 5 sales starting in October, a new battery design and audio jack flex cable, new carriers, Steve Jobs' cunning PR plot, and much less.  …mehr

  • Cloud-Based Storage Improves Disaster Recovery at Situs

    When Bill McCown joined The Situs Companies six years ago, the Houston-based real estate consulting firm was anticipating growth, and the company figured its tape-based backup systems would need to be upgraded. Then came September 2008, when Hurricane Ike slammed into Houston. "Our data center stayed up but our office didn't have power for a week," recalls McCown, who is the director of IT for the firm. While employees in other locations had access to the data center, the central office was offline and out of the communications loop.  …mehr

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook gets a million reasons to stick around

    Just how valuable Tim Cook to Apple? According to an SEC filing, his continued presence at the helm of Apple over the next decade is worth a cool one million--shares of Apple stock, that is. If you sold a million shares of Apple stock on Friday, it would be worth about $383 million.  …mehr

  • Razer Blade: Eyes-on With the 'Future' of PC Gaming

    Razer wants to convince you that the future of PC gaming lies in a $2799 laptop. The first "true" gaming laptop, actually -- the pretenders to the throne that've come before might've been laptops capable of playing games, but they believe that the Razer Blade is the first to offer real portability, and great performance, without sacrifices. Earlier this week Razer CEO Ming-Liang Tan swung by PCWorld's offices and gave me a sneak peek at a prototype of their first real foray into the PC business. I had to muzzle my inner cynic (Razer Blade? Really?), but ultimately wasn't disappointed. I daresay impressed, even. I can't speak to whether or not this will actually spark a PC gaming renaissance (or if we're even in need of one, really), but Razer is certainly on the right track.  …mehr

  • Sneak Peek at Windows 8 Tablet Apps

    The Windows 8 tablet teasers keep rolling in, first with Microsoft showing a brief glimpse of a quad-core slate, and now with two early prototypes of Windows 8 tablet apps.  …mehr

  • Residents cut energy bills 11% in smart meter test

    Some residents of a small town in Iowa have cut their electricity use by 11 percent in a test that combines smart meters with cloud-based data analytics.  …mehr

  • Half of American Adults Use Social Networks, says Pew

    Nearly two-thirds of online adults in the U.S. use social networking sites, and they're generally pleased with the experience, according to a new survey by the . And perhaps more telling of just how pervasive Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (and, OK, Myspace too) have become in our day-to-day lives, half of all U.S. adults now use social networks.  …mehr

  • Razer's Blade Proves Gaming Laptops Can Be Light, Sexy

    Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer today launched what might be the most attractive gaming laptop to date. The 17.3-inch Razer Blade is just 0.88 inches thin and breaks the 7-pound weight barrier, but still boasts the high-end hardware specs gamers require.  …mehr

  • GameStop Apologizes, Offers Deus Ex PC Customers $50 Coupon

    In news that'll hopefully bring fiasco to a close, GameStop CEO Paul Raines sent out the following e-mail to GameStop customers earlier today:  …mehr

  • Remains of the Day: Campus activities

    Let's keep it short and sweet: Cupertino's holding a meeting on the environmental impact of Apple's new campus, rumored pieces of the new iPhone are surfacing, and a reputed hacker goes to work at 1 Infinite Loop. The remainders for Friday, August 26, 2011 are over and out.  …mehr

  • Apple axes TV show rentals for iTunes, Apple TV

    On Friday, Apple quietly removed the ability to rent TV shows from the iTunes Store. When , the company also began offering television rentals at $1 per episode. But now the rental option for television is gone--and Apple has confirmed to that it's gone for good.  …mehr

  • Post-Jobs, Apple Needs to Open Up

    There's no denying that the as Apple CEO is the end of an era. It's difficult to think of any other leader as synonymous with a brand as he has been.  …mehr

  • PAX in a Minute: Scavenger Hunt Champions

    Every year PAX opens with a scavenger hunt that has participants running aroun the convention center hunting down clues to solve a specific riddle. This year's winning team, solving the puzzle before everyone else was GamePro's own Karen Chu! Pictured above you can see her and teammmate Andrew Bown, one of Karen's World of WarCraft guildies, showing off their medals!  …mehr

  • Driving LTE into the enterprise

    This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.  …mehr

  • Stanford’s Open Networking Summit to highlight OpenFlow, SDN

    Stanford University this October will host the first , which will focus on the history, state and future of OpenFlow and software-defined networking technologies.  …mehr

  • Kevin Butler Resigns from Sony

    In weird news of the day that probably isn't really news, Sony's fictional VP, Kevin Butler, was reportedly left position for new endeavors.  …mehr

  • Acquisitions support Legend growth

    Legend Corporation (ASX:LGD) has reported profit growth off the back of strong performance for the year to 30 June 2011 across all the memory and semiconductor manufacturer's businesses.  …mehr

  • Sonic CD Debuting on Android

    Although , it looks like Android users are going to get the first crack this classic platformer.  …mehr

  • NoSQL offers users scalability, flexibility, speed

    Users of NoSQL databases and data processing frameworks such as CouchDB and Hadoop are deploying these new technologies for their speed, scalability and flexibility, judging from a number of sessions at the NoSQL Now conference being held this week in San Jose, California.  …mehr

  • Look at This Friggin' Hipster-Style iPhone Case

    If nostalgia brings a smile to your face--and makes you kind of wish you still had a brick phone from the 1980s (but one with modern guts)--check out this from Urban Outfitters.  …mehr

  • MLG Raleigh: Streaming Survival Guide

    This weekend, thousands of gamers are storming Raleigh, NC for a Major League Gaming event. You don't have to be there to catch the action yourself, though--just read our handy-dandy guide to staying on top of the MLG streams, and you won't miss a single game (or a bathroom break). You can watch the stream from the --it should be live by the time you read this.Stay on schedule. The drop-down menus on the side of the main stream page show you the overall schedule for the whole event. If you're just tuning in to watch a few particular games, switch over to that game's stream using the tabs along the top of the video window to see exactly what's going on that stream for the day. If you absolutely must catch EG.IdrA vs. ST.Bomber, the schedule will tell you it's slated for 5:30PM EST on the Starcraft 2 Red Stream.Watch in double vision. If you're following Starcraft 2, you'll want to keep up on both Red and Blue streams. You can use this link at to keep up both streams at once, and then choose which one you want to full-screen (and mute the other one, or else it'll get confusing). That way, you can make sure you're watching your favorite commentators and players at all times.Look for a nearby Barcraft. More and more sports bars are open to showing Starcraft 2 events to groups of organized viewers, especially since the Sunday night finals can often draw a decent crowd on otherwise low-traffic nights. You can find them pretty easily by Googling your area and "Barcraft", or checking this . (You typically have to be of legal drinking age to attend, mind you.)Check out the new games. This MLG event has a few new entrances to the lineup. Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach are the current mainstays, but they've also added League of Legends to the list for this event, and there's a special showmatch in the as-yet-unreleased between four developers from Epic Games and the 2008-2009 Gears of War 1+2 champion team Th3 Nsan3z.Be wary of the weather. You probably know that the East Coast is currently in the middle of a . MLG staff is prepared for the hurricane to disrupt their streaming (and supposedly has backup streaming plans in place) but if you're having chronic stream problems, it might be due to the hurricane. Don't miss it, go mobile. You don't have to let silly things like a social life or real-world responsibilities get in the way of your MLG action. Android users should have no problem using the standard MLG streaming, as long as your device supports Flash. If you're on iOS, don't is hosting low-resolution streams for both Starcraft 2 streams, Halo, and Call of Duty. (You can find links to the streams .) Starcraft 2 fans can also stay up on the day's events with this , which keeps tabs on each stream and translates the EST schedule to your time zone.Patrick Miller covers HDTVs, how-tos, and the occasional game for PCWorld. Follow him on or .  …mehr

  • Top Three Steve Jobs Speeches

    As a CEO, Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things--not just as a purveyor of innovative, landscape-changing products. He'll also be remembered as one of the most powerful and charismatic orators and marketers of our time. Here are my top three picks for Steve Jobs' most compelling speeches.  …mehr

  • Amazon's Tablet to Be 'Hundreds Less' Than iPad

    The fire sale of (and the resulting ) proved one thing: if it's cheap enough, they will come. This could be good news for Amazon, who reportedly plans to release its own tablet in late September/early October for "hundreds less" than the iPad.  …mehr

  • Tim Cook Talk Leads Social Media Conversation

    The news of yesterday set off a wave of online conversation, and the largest single topic of that conversation concerns Tim Cook, the Apple COO Jobs recommends as .  …mehr

  • IT security rundown for week ending Aug. 26

    This past week in news was highlighted by a hacking revelation out of China, bad news for banks, good news for Sony gaming customers and a curious email that might have been at the heart of the big RSA data breach.  …mehr

  • Twisted Metal Release Date: February 14, 2012

    Watch what David Jaffe, the series cocreator and cofounder of developer Eat Sleep Play, has to say about the game's release timing.  …mehr

  • China yanks video that leaked hacking tool

    The state-run China Central Television network has yanked a video that inadvertently included a short clip of a cyber-attack tool targeting Falun Gong websites.  …mehr

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game Finally Goes Online

    If you want to play Pokémon online, but are looking for something a little more polished than unofficial flash games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online open beta just started yesterday.  …mehr

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