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  • Defcon 19

    Spielplatz für Hacker aller Couleur

    Hacker, IT-Sicherheitsexperten und Undercover-Agenten reisen einmal im Jahr nach Las Vegas, um ein Wochenende im Ausnahmezustand zu verbringen: Sie besuchen die Defcon, einer der etablierten Kongresse für Hacker und Sicherheit in der IT, der in diesem Jahr seine 19. Auflage feiert.  …mehr

  • Gruß von James Bond

    Die coolsten Spionage-Gadgets

    Gürtelschnallen-Kamera, Flugdrohne, Spiegel-Brille - bei diesen Gadgets kommt James-Bond-Feeling auf.  …mehr

  • One-Click-Hoster & Co.

    Die besten Filesharing-Tools

    Wer schnell größere Dateien verschicken will, kommt um Filesharing-Tools nicht herum. Wir haben die besten für Sie gesammelt. …mehr

  • Bildbearbeitung

    Fantastische Photoshop-Tutorials

    Nicht nur für Fans von World of Warcraft ein Hingucker: Diese Photoshop-Tutorials zeigen, wie Sie Fantasy-Motive selbst entwerfen.  …mehr

  • Wenn Manager Urlaub machen

    Den Job im Reisegepäck

    Im Urlaub ganz abzuschalten, fällt manchen Führungskräften schwerer als anderen: Die Niederländer können das besser als die Franzosen.  …mehr

  • Video Chatting for Newbies

    Video chat is all the rage these days, thanks to new services such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype/Facebook integrated video chat. Video chatting is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends--seeing loved ones' faces on a computer screen is almost like actually being there.  …mehr

  • Hacker, 10, Exposes iOS and Android Games Exploit

    A 10-year-old California girl's presentation at a hacker conference in Las Vegas is getting a lot of attention.  …mehr

  • Users turning off UAC put their PCs at risk, says Microsoft

    An alarming number of Windows users are needlessly opening themselves up to attacks by rootkit and worm malware by turning off the User Access Control (UAC) that comes with Windows 7 and Vista, Microsoft has reported.  …mehr

  • WA Health advancing Health Identifiers

    WA Health is to purchase a major chunk of the underlying software and services to facilitate the delivery of the national Health Identifiers initiative being managed by the National e-Health Transition Authority (NeHTA).  …mehr

  • Google+, Day 5: The "Real Names" Debate

    Google ruffled feathers when it simply of Google+ accounts citing a policy that you must use your real name for . Google since on how aggressive it is with enforcement, but the policy itself sparked an online debate about the virtues of pseudonyms and the value of using your real name.  …mehr

  • The Week in iPad Cases: Rough and tumble

    This week's iPad case roundup features the usual mix of elegant, practical, rugged, and eclectic. But we're also seeing more and more cases dedicated to protecting the iPad in environments that go beyond the ordinary, and the existence of these accessories is proof that Apple's tablet is more than a mere desktop ornament. But I digress--on to this week's offerings!  …mehr

  • Libre Air: Tiny, Cool, Affordable Ebook Reader

    E-readers don't get much smaller than the 6-ounce Aluratek Libre Air, which measures 6.0 by 4.1 by 0.4 inches. But this tiny package holds a lot of useful technology, including Wi-Fi integration with an online bookstore offering both commercial and free content.  …mehr

  • Home Designer Suite Helps You Make House Plans

    Anyone who's ever hired an architect or had a general contractor remodel a home knows that modifications to plans can easily cause the price to skyrocket, especially if you (or the person you've hired) can't visualize what you want. ($99, buy-only) can help you plan and communicate your interior and exterior design or remodel project in 2D and 3D with a simple one-click, drag and drop process.  …mehr

  • Your Future Friends, Predicted

    Researchers at Cambridge University in Britain have developed a new approach to suggesting friends on social networks that looks at the places you visit most to determine not only who your next friend will be, but where they'll be.  …mehr

  • Speedy Malware Infects More than 6 Million Web Pages

    In less than two weeks, a malware injection that targets e-commerce Web pages has ballooned from 90,000 infected pages to more than 6 million.  …mehr

  • Mikogo's Free Remote Access Works Well for Home and Business

    If you're reading this, you may well be the go-to "tech guru" for your friends and family. Think back to the last time you tried to help someone with a computer problem over the phone without seeing their screen; was it fun? I didn't think so. (free) is a powerful presentation and remote-control solution you could use in those cases.  …mehr

  • Google+ Floodgates Open

    Inviting friends to Google+ is a lot more straightforward now. That's welcome news to users of the Internet search leader's growing social networking service.  …mehr

  • Wikipedia Aiming For More Contributors

    Online encyclopedia Wikipedia isn't in danger of dying, but an extra dose of contributors would give it a much-needed shot in the arm.  …mehr

  • AntiSec hackers dump data after hacking police websites

    The war between law enforcement and the Anonymous hacking collective continued this weekend as hackers dumped a 10 gigabyte database that included private e-mails and information sent by confidential informants. Hackers say they stole information during an attack on more than 70 small-town law enforcement agencies.  …mehr

  • Police planning major switchover to cloud computing

    Police across the UK are considering a major move to cloud computing, dumping on-premise IT in an aggressive bid to cut costs, can reveal.  …mehr

  • iPhone Case Offers a Hand -- Literally

    OK, Apple fanboys and fangirls, we all know that you . The question is: Do you really love them?  …mehr

  • The Macalope Weekly: Google bomb

    Have you heard that Android is positively trouncing the iPhone in market share?! Yes, someone wrote that this week. Again. For all its weight, however, if you prick Google--by acquiring some patents it wanted to have all on its own--does it not bleed? Finally, the Macalope again wonders, what does Google really get out of Android?  …mehr

  • Weekly Wrap: New Macs, delightful apps

    We took a week off from the Weekly Wrap, because your devoted wrapper was stuck at jury duty. But now we're back and ready to summarize the week that was, highlighting our biggest and best stories in case you missed them. Just don't let it happen again.  …mehr

  • Snail Mail My Email Project Works, With Fun Results

    Last month, GeekTech art project , which looks at the lost art of letter writing in exchange for the "instant graticification" of sending an email or IM. Seeing as it is a free to use service, I decided to give the service a try.  …mehr

  • Libre Touch Color E-Reader Has Usability Flaws

    More and more devices are blurring the lines between , but the Aluratek Libre Touch isn't one of them. While it does support basic Web browsing, email, and multimedia playback, the Libre Touch is first and foremost an with a color touchscreen and integration (via Wi-Fi) with an online bookstore. But although its feature list is respectable, usability flaws make the Libre Touch a tough sell, even at its attractive price ($150 as of August 5, 2011).  …mehr

  • Syncing PDFs with the iPad

    It may come as a shock to readers of, but the selfsame editorial organization that produces the content on this website is also responsible for producing roughly 60 magazine pages every month (along with the occasional ). Though much of what's in the magazine originates online, it's usually updated, re-edited, compressed to fit the print format, and often reformatted to take better advantage of the medium.  …mehr

  • Security, Hacker Conferences Have Tech Industry Buzzing

    Stories about lost wages aren't the only scary things being talked about in Sin City this week. The best security researchers and hackers from around the world have gathered in Las Vegas, and news about their work has been creeping out like a toxic flood.  …mehr

  • Subway serves up PXtech business intelligence platform

    The Subway sandwich chain has adopted a new business intelligence platform, from UK IT systems supplier PXtech, for its franchisees worldwide.  …mehr

  • Build your own camera, launch it like a grenade

    Meet the Firefly.  …mehr

  • Want to Track Someone’s Car? More Options Roll Out

    Even though privacy and recently has been a in the sides of privacy advocates, some companies are embracing the idea of knowing exactly where a vehicle is at all times and how a driver is operating it. This week OnStar, State Farm, and Applus all announced they are taking vehicle tracking to new levels.  …mehr

  • iOS 5 May Get Text-to-Speech Function

    A few new screenshots hint that to developers, may be getting that we’ve been hearing about for months now.  …mehr

  • Retailers not sold on taking business online

    Australia’s retail sector must overcome myriad of challenges before its is able to address the growing loss of sales to overseas online outlets, according to the Productivity Commission’s Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry draft report.  …mehr

  • Google+ 'Real Names' Enforcement Panned

    Google's real-names policy for its social networking service has created a tempest that could have easily been avoided.  …mehr

  • iOS 5 Beta 5 Released to Developers

    Apple reviewers are already sounding off about features and functionality in the fifth beta version of iOS 5 that was released to developers this weekend.  …mehr

  • Google+, Day 4: Pros and Cons of Circles

    Google+ is built around the concept of Circles. Building a seems like a more conscious or intentional exercise because I can't add someone to the social network without placing the contact into at least one Circle. Some privacy advocates see this as a benefit, but I can also see a potential downside to the way the Circles are used.  …mehr

  • Google Blames a Human for its Robo-Car Crash

    One of Google's got into an accident earlier this week. But Google is claiming the auto-pilot-equipped Prius was actually flipped into manual mode when the accident happened, making this a case of user error.  …mehr

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