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  • The Macalope Weekly: An appointment with disappointment

    We love Apple, right? But let’s face facts: It’s a company. And sooner or later any company is going to disappoint you. It’s like the old joke about why dogs do that thing that they can do but that humans and Macalopes can’t—no matter how many hours they devote to stretching out. They do it because they can. And it’s just in their nature. …mehr

  • Did Apple Exec Depart Over "Antennagate"?

    The Apple executive in charge of iPhone engineering and responsible for the innovative--yet problem prone--antenna design on the iPhone 4 has left the company. Based on Apple's response to "antennagate", and Steve Jobs press conference to address , it seems unlikely that Mark Papermaster's exit is connected to the antenna issues. …mehr

  • Sexual Harrassment Scandal: Where Does HP Go From Here?

    Departing HP CEO Mark Hurd managed to bring HP from the brink of collapse and restore respect for the HP brand in only five years. Forced to , Hurd takes with him his vision for the future of HP, leaving his successor to figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together and continue to build on the momentum Hurd has built. …mehr

  • Risk: The Official Game for iPhone

    Make no mistake. This is "the official" game of Risk. There is a crowded field of Risk imitators, but at long last, has delivered the only game that can carry the name Risk. …mehr

  • PaintingWalls lets you color your walls with virtual paint

    Painting the inside of your house can often be a tedious process of trial-and-error, since colors that look great on a piece of paper, might not translate too well to your bedroom wall. lets you use your iPhone to visualize how your walls will look when painted different colors, and it has just received a slew of improvements with its version 2 update.  …mehr

  • This Week in GeekTech: Multitouch Music, More Phone Hacks

    When I can write a 17-word headline for our This Week in GeekTech roundup, well, you know it's been a good week for geekdom. This go-around, we looked at iPhone and Android hackery, new music tech, a ridiculous casemod, and yes, even rockets. Let's dive in, shall we? …mehr

  • Interview: Author Susan Orlean on her life with the iPad

    Susan Orlean has become a geek, something that simultaneously amuses and mildly horrifies her. Orlean has been a staff writer at since 1992, and is known for her richly detailed features about places and people. Orlean's focus is often on individuals outside the public eye, who she dissects in the gentlest of ways to reveal what makes them tick. Her book , looking at how orchid collecting and cultivation leads people to odd acts, was made into the quirky film "Adaptation." …mehr

  • Highborn for iPhone

    Highborn, by , bills itself as "a casual, round-based strategy game that's perfect for gaming on the go, or for anyone looking for an intelligent, tactical experience without the frenetic play of a traditional RTS." Normally, I receive sentences like the aforementioned with scorn and scepticism, as strategy games with a "casual" bent usually are products stripped of substance, burdened down with cartoonish graphics and clumsy controls typical of the platform. But Highborn offers a solid-- albiet not spectacular--depth of play. …mehr

  • Cram 1.3.6

  • CyberSynchs Backs Up Your Phone in the Cloud

    It's easy to lose track of your cell phone or mobile device. And once your device is gone, so, too, is all of the data it holds. Enter ($3 a month; seven-day free trial). This mobile application and Web-based service work together to make sure that your data doesn't disappear. The idea is a useful one and the app is, for the most part, very easy to use. Unfortunately, though, this beta version still suffers from a few bugs. …mehr

  • Analysis: Apple improving App Store with baby steps

    Apple quietly launched a couple of key App Store improvements to close out the week—with one change aimed specifically at iPad owners and the other for anyone with an iOS device and a frugal disposition. Both changes are certainly welcome ones, even if the latter feels like a half-hearted attempt by Apple to satiate customers and developers who have been asking for a true demo system since the store opened in 2008. …mehr

  • Google's March Toward Social Networking

    Google this week its acquisition of online entertainment company . The purchase rehashed speculation that the search giant is interested in working its way into social media, possibly with a game-centered service called  …mehr

  • Saudi Arabia puts pressure on RIM with renewed threat of ban

    Saudi Arabia's telecom regulator stepped up the pressure late Saturday on Research In Motion (RIM) by giving three local telecommunications operators up to the end of Monday to ensure that the BlackBerry service meets with its regulations. …mehr

  • Poor Mark Hurd: HP severance includes $12.2 million cash, $16 million in stock

    is departing HP with a hefty severance package, including a $12.2 million cash payment and HP stock worth about $16 million, according to a report filed Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. …mehr

  • Apple's head of iPhone engineering out after 'Antennagate'

    Mark Papermaster, Apple's senior vice president of engineering for the and iPod, is leaving the firm, according to reports by The New York Times. …mehr

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