This Week in GeekTech: Multitouch Music, More Phone Hacks

When I can write a 17-word headline for our This Week in GeekTech roundup, well, you know it's been a good week for geekdom. This go-around, we looked at iPhone and Android hackery, new music tech, a ridiculous casemod, and yes, even rockets. Let's dive in, shall we?

Why should tablets and smartphones have all the multitouch fun? Töken, a conceptual piece of DJ equipment, does away with the turntable entirely, replacing it with a multitouch surface. It's geeky enough that a non-musician like myself would want to take it for a spin.

JailbreakMe was the biggest story on the iOS hack front this week. Our Mike Keller looks at . Hint: It's kind of scary. And once you've jailbroken, you could always unlock your phone to run on any carrier. , a new tool that lets you run your iPhone on other wireless carriers.

To add to the iHacks frenzy, Apple and Best Buy reportedly blocked access to JailbreakMe, but one increasingly common gadget basically renders the block useless.