Windows 7: The readers speak

Reactions to last week's screed about Windows 7 ("?") came in fast and furious, with readers weighing in on every side of the issue.

Let's start with some hate mail from G.G., whom one can only presume is a bit of a :

Nice hatchet job on Microsoft, what an original piece. I am constantly amused by the "if we say it often enough, it'll become true mantra." Vista didn't suck, it had issues but it wasn't Godzilla to Tokyo. To hear "journalists" talk (I mean steal each others copy) about it, you'd think it failed to live up to being a cure for cancer. At least it opened my eyes to your professions overall lack of expertise, experience and lazy steal from someone else's work ethic. [sic]

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Personally, I only tried to lazy steal from someone else's work ethic once, but they chased me away with a BB gun. Since then I try only to .

Reader "mueller4" says he just upgraded from XP to Win 7, which he calls "a very good and minimalistic blend between XP and Vista." He gives it a solid two thumbs up: