Why You Should Use Stephen Fry's Pushnote

It's not uncommon for Websites today to let visitors post comments; typically, however, they have to register first. , on the other hand, is a new browser plug-in that lets Web surfers post uncensored comments on any site across the Web, whether or not that site enables comments itself.

Officially launched on Thursday with the support of actor, author and prolific Tweeter , Pushnote lets users of , and Internet Explorer comment on any Website without the involvement of the owner of that site. Rather, comments made through Pushnote are rated, ranked and moderated only by the audience.

"It makes the entire Web one big, democratic comment platform," in the site's own words.

Once users download the free Pushnote plug-in--which is now in beta--a dedicated browser button turns green when the user visits a page where people have left comments through the service. That same button turns red, meanwhile, when there are new comments from friends on any site across the Web. Users can follow the comments of their friends, and they can also reply to friends' comments across the Web.

By displaying the highest-rated comments and the most discussed pages across the Web, Pushnote is designed to highlight the most interesting developments on the Internet as they happen, without demanding that users search for it. The service can also cross-post to and . Mobile versions are coming soon.

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