Top 10: Best viral videos from the 2008 election


5. Chuck Norris and Mike Huckabee

Okay, we knew Mike Huckabee was at least a little bit cool when he strapped on a bass guitar and jammed with some rock band at a campaign stop in Michigan. But this video proves Huck has real Web credibility and a decent sense of humor too. It uses a format where both men are saying what they like about each other, Huckabee using some of the best stuff from the now-fairly-well-known site ("Guns don't kill people; Chuck Norris kills people" and "There's no chin behind Chuck Norris' beard--only another fist.")

6. Obama and McCain dance off!

In some alternate reality, instead of debates, stump speeches, and attack ads, McCain and Obama opt to settle their differences with a dance-off! It's Obama and his posse, and McCain and his posse, talking a little smack and then taking it to the dance floor. Obama and his crew go first, then McCain steps up. The half-crazed look on McCain's face when he first gets his groove on is priceless. Both candidates have good moves, but in the end Sarah Palin shows up and goes old school on everybody. The makers of this video use some pretty fancy software to affix the candidates' heads to the bodies of some lithe young dancers, and to great result. I also like this video because it plays no favorites and really doesn't make fun of the candidates at all.

7. The Republicrats: Presidential debate #3