Top 10: Best viral videos from the 2008 election


I was so happy to see Will Ferrell return to Saturday Night Live (along with Tina Fey) to reprise his brilliant portrayal of George W. Bush. I will never forget the 2004 bit where Ferrell's Bush is seen (while two other characters carry the dialog) in the background completely engrossed in batting around a ball of yarn on the couch. This time Ferrell's Bush is playing host to Fey's Palin and Darrell Hammond's McCain in the Oval Office, offering his blessing/endorsement, while a very reluctant McCain keeps trying to escape stage left. The video masterfully apes McCain's real-life approach to his association with W. (and the latter's sub-30 percent approval) this campaign season: Smile, and avoid like the plague.

3. John Edwards: "I Feel Pretty," or the big primp

This one goes way back to those heady days long ago when the competition for the Democratic nomination was at least a three-person race between Obama, Clinton, and former . Edwards ended up framing the debate on a few issues, including the Democrats' new-found aversion to the influence of lobbyists in Washington. But Edwards was always vulnerable to opponents' claims that he was another smooth, good-looking Southern playboy like Hillary's husband Bill, who reportedly dropped into Hollywood every once in a while for $700 haircuts while he was president. Edwards' haircuts cost only $200 apiece. This video makes that point better than any of Edwards' primary rivals did, and it does it with no words at all.

4. Synchronized presidential debating

Lots of people were complaining about the generic, talking-point-heavy sound of this year's presidential debates (with the possible exception of the more confrontational third debate). This video does some clever jujitsu on the raw footage of the debates to demonstrate just how scripted and repetitive they really were. It's funny, but it shows how the has allowed the campaigns to negotiate away any chance of spontaneous or insightful moments, making the event something more like just a joint infomercial starring both candidates.