The YouTube Videos That Made Our Year In Viral Views 15


Always wondered how tough your NES games were, but didn't have the heart to torture them to find out? Lucky for you these folks wondered the same thing and put a handful of cartridges through a gauntlet of stress tests. Now you can sleep much more peacefully knowing your copy of Earthbound could probably survive going through the wash.

This kid is the TSA's worst nightmare. After watching this video I now understand why airport security is so tight these days. I mean if all of that was just in his pants, who knows what his shoes might be hiding.

Turns out all those doodles you were doing in math class were almost as complex as your calculus homework. I think I learned more drawing random squiggles on my notes than I ever did in my 13+ years of math. (Note: Apologies to my math teachers who may see this. Doodling was just more entertaining than solving differential equations).