The YouTube Videos That Made Our Year In Viral Views 15

Hello and welcome to the final Viral Views of 2010 (woo)! I know we weren't with you the entire year, but I feel like we've developed a sort of internet bond. It's either that or we have indigestion from all the holiday food we've been having. Regardless we hope you had a great year and are looking forward to seeing you again in 2011. Pull up a chair, get out that popcorn, and enjoy the YouTube videos that made our year.

I don't think I've ever seen anything more adorable than this kitten cruising on a turtle. Either this cat has enslaved a poor reptile to do his bidding, or they are playing hide and seek and the cat found the one place the turtle would never find him.

I want these guys to write the soundtrack to my life. Then everything I did would just feel that much more awesome. I could be buying milk at the grocery store and still feel like I was in an action movie.