The Week in iOS Apps: Nom, nom, nom

This week's roundup of iOS apps is full of old favorites: Cookie Monster gets an app of his own, the creator of Angry Birds returns with Amazing Alex, and the popular Tiny Wings gets an update.

Already this week we told you about a new magazine-reading app called , the new app, a new cloud storage service from , and an updated offering from --and we also brought you a roundup of the best , just in time for Comic-Con.

Also, this week saw the launch of , as well as updates to , , and applications.

Here are other new and updated apps that caught our eye this week.

The creators of have unveiled a new game that features neither rage nor avians. is a $1 game for iPhone that features a "whiz kid"--one who comes up with Rube Goldberg-style chain reactions to do chores like cleaning his room. As Alex, you get to devise just how those creations will work, and share your most successful ideas with friends. There are 35 "interactive objects" to build with, and more than 100 levels to challenge players. Users can also download and play levels created by other players. None of those levels, however, involve destroying pigs.

This isn't a standalone app, but artists and graphic designers may find it useful nonetheless: is a free iPad app that makes your tablet into a companion tool for users of the desktop Corel Painter 12 program. The app lets users drag and drop buttons onto the screen--for sketching, accessing a color wheel, and other activities--to let users complete projects efficiently. The button placement can be customized according to your hand size and finger placement. Corel promises the app will make it easier to create an uninterrupted workflow by spending less time in Corel Painter clicking on icons and hot keys.