The Macalope Weekly: Round 2


, don’t leave your seats yet, this fight’s just getting started. The ’s on the way and analysts are drooling at the potential number of iPhone sales it could mean. (Is that weird? Who drools at numbers? That seems weird.) Then, the Macalope provides some unusual praise and we’ll close this week wondering if silly pundits will learn. (Short answer: “no”.)

Tracking iPhone sales isn’t like tracking sales of other Apple products. Because of the vagaries of the cell phone business with the carriers’ different coverage areas and charming two-year periods of indentured servitude, adding Verizon is almost like entering a new market. In this case a market about .

Something like . If the much-vaunted choice that Android offers is such an iPhone killer, how can the iPhone own so much of the AT&T market? OK, there’s probably some percentage of people who are in the market simply because they to have an iPhone because, well, they have taste. But, still, the Macalope’s been to the malls of this great nation and he knows that there aren’t as many people concerned about good taste as there should be.

that AT&T has 15 iPhone users to every Android user. How can that be? AT&T sells Android phones and the Macalope distinctly remembers reading that “Android roolz while iPhone droolz.”