The Gamer's Guide to the iPad


In iOS 4, Apple added to their iDevices. Game Center keeps track of games you played, and compares your progress to your friends'. Game Center is also lists achievements you've earned while playing games. Achievements work in the same way that they do on the Xbox 360: After completing a task in game, you'll get a small notification telling you which achievement you've unlocked. Each achievement is worth a certain amount of points, but not all games will have achievements. You can tell which games in the App Store are compatible with Game Center, thanks to an icon that appears under the game's price.

There are over half a million apps in the App Store--a good chunk of which are games. Every game genre under the sun, from casual games to first-person shooters, are available to download the moment you connect online. Some games will cost you between $0.99-$20.00, but a handful of games are free. Here is a breakdown of games you'll want to check out for your new iPad.

Asphalt Racing