The Gamer's Guide to the iPad


Another game series that most gamers should be familiar with is Sid Meier's Civilization. The turn based strategy game works extremely well on the iPad, allowing you to quickly get a game going or resume where you left off. You still have a wide variety of leaders you can choose to lead your civilization, everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Cleopatra, and you'll sink in a lot of hours leading your people to victory. Besides, what other game lets you have the Aztecs develop battleships?

Infinity Blade 2

Chair has done it again with Infinity Blade 2. This hack and slash action adventure RPG will have you fighting off enemies of all shapes and sizes in your quest to rid yourself of the infamous Infinity Blade. If you played the first one, you know you're in for countless of hours of gameplay coupled with breathtaking graphics. Once you've been through the campaign once or twice, try out the Arena for even more challenges.