SNW - TD Ameritrade encyrption progressing


How much data do you encrypt? In the neighborhood of 30TB per week, including full and incremental backups.

How have the regulators reacted to the decision to encrypt your data? The feedback we've received is that they're thrilled about it. So we're thrilled about that.

What other types of storage challenges is your company facing? It's this whole idea of a formal and automated approach to information life-cycle management. We have very well-understood retention rules, but it's too manual. As we acquire companies and the obligations of those firms become our obligations -- client data, client e-mails -- that's probably one of the biggest hurdles we have to address. We're just starting to put together a strategy to address it. I think we have a good approach to rationalizing storage around our applications, which is important.

What is your take on the upcoming Storage Networking Industry Association standard to allow migration of data across tiers of storage? My fundamental view is we are, and ought to be, vendor-agnostic. My team's a big believer in standards -- in this case, standard interfaces and the ability for a heterogeneous group of vendors to be able to be utilized across the whole data life cycle, I think, is the right direction.

Does that mean the company, now mostly an EMC shop, will look at technology from other vendors? Right now, we're an EMC shop, so as we do mergers and acquisitions, we stick with EMC. It doesn't mean we won't continue to look at vendors whose offerings become potentially higher in quality, availability and resiliency at competitive cost points. A fundamental tenet is [that] we're vendor-agnostic.