SNW - TD Ameritrade encyrption progressing

Ameritrade Holding Corp. late last year finished rolling out technology to encrypt corporate data as it moves from servers to backup devices, just before its acquisition of TD Waterhouse Group Inc. closed in January. Jerry Bartlett, CIO of the combined firm, called TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., talked about extending the encryption technology to TD Waterhouse sites and other issues at the recent Storage Networking World conference.

Have you rolled out the Decru encryption technology throughout the combined company? We completed it in the November and December time frame for the Ameritrade facilities. And we're completing it for the combined TD Ameritrade this month.

Was the process of installing encryption technology difficult? The difficulty was around deciding what we were going to do and how we were going to do it -- not around the implementation itself. Once we realized that we needed to execute like it's any other infrastructure project, we assigned a project manager with a plan coordinating our infrastructure teams.

How many Decru encryption appliances have been deployed? About a dozen.

Do you have any concerns about unencrypting data for restoration in the future? Not really. We're comfortable with the backward-compatibility commitments. We would be concerned if the encryption algorithm were changed.

How long did it take to deploy the appliances? It took us to do the legacy Ameritrade less than six months. It took us less than three months to do the TD Waterhouse side.